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  • cwtripps cwtripps Nov 19, 2010 1:15 AM Flag

    Can we hear from the real traders as to where this will be AM?

    hgsi got a very positive vote the other day and traded down 4 points

    and its a 2+ billion drug someday

    mela is small time...and the panel was not an overwhemling positive by any means. if you don't believe me look at the ceo quotes. look at the fda panel asking for more studies

    you could be lucky to get out in the 4s tommorow

    again, look at hgsi

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    • Totally agree. I've held HGSI since .76, and have seen plenty of craziness there, but this is a whole other animal. Not even in the same conversation. Those thinking this is going to 8, 9, 14, are simply trying to take people for a ride. It's never going to happen. You need NEW demand, and that panel vote today does not set the tone for new long term investors. It sets up things nicely for day traders who know how to get in and get out. Why would people honestly think that this news is going to magically bring back all the longs who sold (and probably already lost money) when the stock plummeted on the briefing docs? This news isn't going to make them more bullish. I should know because I'd happily buy back in and I'm not going to touch it at these prices. I'm not trying to be a jerk to longs...I was one, but I think this stock is sub $2 at some point before years end. It will certainly again get a run up before the FDA makes it's decision, but no one even knows when that will even be at this point. Just one guys opinion.

    • Hey tripps...5 stars.

      I lost some on HGSI, and sincerely hope the "irrationally exuberiant" proceed with caution.

      That being said, HGSI DID get TWO downgrades immediatley after the positive results. I completely agree that the pre-market should be avoided.

      GLTA....I'm gonna sit this one out!


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      • And HGSI got downgraded so those companies could profit further from their short position, and when they cover at THEIR "nice price" they want and flip to go long, that one will start to move quick. Soooo not the case here. No reason for shorts to cover because most shorted much higher than here and they know it will head back down after the day traders are done having fun with Mela tomorrow. I'm almost eternally a bull, but everyone on here screaming about this heading to 6,7,8,9, (FOURTEEN I've seen) must not be very clear on how this kind of thing goes down. Mela will get a bump no doubt, but these projections are just plain crazy. It doesn't work that way with this kind of company, in this situation. It just doesn't. I honestly feel bad their expectations are so high. Enjoy the better than expected panel vote, but a little research on what's happened to other biotechs that have faced similar situations. Just go all in tomorrow at $4.50 (if it gets there) thinking it's going to $9 soon, and you will probably be bummin' big time in a few days. good luck either way, I don't have a ton of skin in the game at this point.

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