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  • armynutcase armynutcase Jul 25, 2011 8:54 AM Flag

    Fish = Minnow brain

    Fish avoids the topic like a non smoking advocate in a outside Ocean beach drive bar.

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    • <<And YOU are on the MO board Why? and YOU are on the cree board Why?>>

      Oh! Didn't you know Armyfruitcake? I am there just for the "entertainment value"! 8)

    • <<And YOU are on the MO board Why? and YOU are on the cree board Why? >>

      Maybe the Pilot just has trouble navigating properly.

    • Well you may not but "the boys" certainly do chase him around.


      And YOU are on the MO board Why? and YOU are on the cree board Why?

    • When the village idiots are outsmarted by superior intelligence what do they normally do? They go on the attack with dumb@$$ statements. Fish beat these idiots in their attempt to control the board, he threw the wrench into the gears of their little game plan.

    • <<Fish avoids the topic like a non smoking advocate in a outside Ocean beach drive bar. >>

      Usually I don't have to leave--I always keep with me a bag of ice-water to pour on cigarettes to extinguish them, but something went horribly wrong with my ice-bag that day.

      • 1 Reply to general_vermowitz28

        A recent report placed cancer as not only the leading killer around the globe but its expansion rate across the globe is even more disturbing. I recently had a bull session with investors over the economy, long term and short term investing and recession proof investing.

        Lets for one moment think what would happen if a drug maker came up with a cancer cure. The worlds problems would not go away but the quality of life for people as they get older would take a huge leap. The companies that supply relief to cancer or its side effects would take a hit. Some large labs established for the sole purpose of a cancer cure would shut down IMHO.

        The one area left standing would be diagnosis. You have to know you have cancer to receive the cure and the benefits otherwise it’s all for not. So we have the greatest plague facing us in modern times but a possibly recession proof area of diagnosis that will be with us possibly forever. This does sound intriguing doesn’t it?

        I have been following the story of Verisante Technology for a while now they received ISO certification and are currently waiting for Health Canada approval. A similar company MELA applied for FDA approval and ran close to $12 per share. MELA has not received an FDA approval at this point. If you have watched any of the recent interviews with Thomas Braun of VRS.V you will notice a comparison that MELA is only looking at 5% of all types of skin cancer while the Verisante Aura can view and detect them all with a high rate of success.

        VRS trades on the TSX-V and has been holding in the 80 cent range. I took a look back at another company Thomas Braun was involved with as the president of Vorsatech Ventures. Before he merged that company with Synutra International (NASDAQ: SYUT) (the third largest dairy in China) the stock was 26 cents. After the merger the stock went as high as $52 on huge volume on the full NASDAQ, and now trades in the $6 range due to the current negative sentiment towards China deals. An investment of $10,000 would have made $2 million if you hung on to your shares and sold at $52. I believe Thomas Braun entered into the CEO role at Verisante with a clear vision of the path needed to succeed in bringing this revolutionary product to market. The European CE mark, the Health Canada approval and an approval in Australia all look to be within reach. It’s an exciting time for the company and its shareholders and I intend to witness all of these milestones as they are reached.

    • He is really mela for three years and pumps it to go from 1.75 to 6.30.......oh wait...I forgot to tell you the best part.

      Fish does NOT own any shares in Mela. HAAAAAA. LOL. HAAAA!!!!


      Just goes to show how weird Fish is.

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