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  • cgap15 cgap15 Sep 16, 2011 2:37 PM Flag

    ONLY One Word is needed to Explain todays move


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    • Come on Fncy, short this puppy again, just think of the glory that you will have if you call it right! 8)--capt


      I did and already took my profit again (not much but, more than you have made all by itself).

      Thank you for your encouragement.

    • <<ONLY One Word is needed to Explain todays move>>


    • I'm not joining either group, since I reject out of hand, your bifurcation of the general investing population into those two categories. I'm an investor, which means I'm looking for good investments based on fundamentals like a good ROE and low PPS. You, on the other hand, it appears, are a gambler. And I would venture to say that your view on investing is now tainted by your, at best periodic, minor victories by gaming the myriad loopholes in our almost completely corrupted financial system. The best of luck to you!

    • "Ah, that explains the discussion about naked shorting. "

      Those discussions are about our dentist and are none of your concern.

    • Come on Fncy, short this puppy again, just think of the glory that you will have if you call it right! 8)

    • Go ahead and short it Fncy! 8)

    • Ah, that explains the discussion about naked shorting. Well, thanks for the info.

    • <<"short selling" vs. someone who is investing "long-term">>

      Short jerk sellers vs long term believers. --capt


      Or to put it another way:

      Individual, true investors who understand the concept that money can be (and should) be invested and made by looking at current market conditions and indicators vs. Morons who refuse to admit that they were perhaps wrong and cut their losses when they had the chance and are resentful of the individuals who actaully were intelligent enough to make money off of them.

      The former (shorts) are not married to the stock and go "long" or bet against "short" the stock depending on current information available to them.

      The latter (longs) tend to believe that anyone who does not share their vision of this one stock making them millionaires and supporting it no matter what the regulatory agencies or the market at large believes is right, fair or of value; are folks who should be burning in Hell for not subscribing to their way of thinking.

      which group do you plan to join?

    • Yes that it is generally true however there is a form which I believe may be illegal called naked shorting where certain clients are allowed to short without existing shares being held. I believe this is sometimes utilized by big boys to try and beat a particular stock down.

    • but to short sell something, doesn't that stock need to be owned by the brokerage firm, so that you can borrow the shares? Is MELA a marginable security? I would have thought that something so small would not be marginable and one wouldn't be able to borrow shares from their broker.

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