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  • green_side_up green_side_up Nov 7, 2011 6:03 PM Flag

    To Biopsy or Not To Biopsy?

    If I have mark on my face, private part, or other area that I don't want cut into for a biopsy, I'm telling my dermatologist, I'll pay $150 to have a 98% confirmation before you make a scar.

    End of story. Once one dermatologist in one area gets one, and starts marketing the MELA benefits, other dermatologists will have to follow unless they want to lose patients.

    With MelaFind, as a patient, I'll pay a few bucks and take my 98% confirmation to "monitor" a potential cancerous skin lesion rather than mark up my body with a biopsy.

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    • The melafind has a biopsy ratio of about 10 to 1, so you will get 10 biopsies for each true melanoma found. This is comparable to top skin cancer specialists and far better than average derms but it's not quite the pie in the sky scenario you are spinning. They do not do biopsied lightly now and they will not do so with MelaFind. Melanoma is a serious disease so yes, there will continue to be biopsies MelaFind was not designed to reduce let alone eliminate biopsies. That is not what it does.

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