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  • dwoods4q dwoods4q Oct 11, 2012 1:21 PM Flag


    I have written before questioning managements lack of PR and financial savvy/knowledge, I now grow concerned. We have not heard a word from MELA management or Cowans since Aug. 8. Mela has stated how they planned to roll out intial phase and that they would be selling some stock to raise some revenue etc.etc. They then go dark, no comments, no nothing, this from a company that is suppose to be trying to make a name and place for itself both in the marketplace and financially. MELA has during this time recieved positive reports ie Stephens, product placements at prestigious locations, etc. .. Yet they and Cowans do nothing to support or help the pps, no updates, comments info on placement [locator is waste,should have press releases]. I must now question Cowans financial advise. Knowing that their client will be selling shares why are they not on managemants case? I have stated that on the product side management has performed well but is royally $^%^#%$%^ up the company financially.

    MELA should be out front with status regarding Insurance reimbursement progress, have we even started? supply some early testimonials from early users,update conference feedback, etc. etc... They appear to be so full of themselves they have forgotten about how the marketplace works. First to market is one thing but look at the road to success, remember AOL,RIM, ETC ETC.

    I want nothing but success for MELA but they better wake up fast. Dr G should get on the same page as people like Dr Frost over at TEVA & OPK before he wakes up looking for a job. The hard lifting [FDA approval] is done. From what I can see nobody has a strong financial/stock position yet I sense somebody/thing is making a strong/quiet move. Question why isn't management buying shares they control almost nothing? Who advises their client to sell into a declining market without atleast promoting/hyping the s--- out of it? This doesn't make sense to me unless .........................


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    • Totally. TEVA has fallen on challenging times of late however; I got in for tens of thousands of shares nearly 20 years ago at around $3 per share. Recently sold a big slug to help finance the purchase of a new business concern however, I still have a large presence with TEVA and believe that it will continue to do well in the future. At the current $40 pps, one might think of picking up some shares for the long term.

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