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  • e11ndofwar e11ndofwar Nov 12, 2012 2:36 PM Flag


    Quite frankly, I am hard pressed to understand the high level of frustration you are expressing related to Management. Afterall, they are in the midst of executing a commercialiation phase that they outlined earlier this year. At that time, they repeatedly indicated in conference calls and Investor presentations that they would commence the commercialiation phase slowly directing their initial placements with Opinion Makers. Today, they are right on course to meet and probably exceed the placement objectives they outlined earlier this year. If, today you are frustrated with the level of rollout, why didn't you sell your shares when they originally outlined the commercialiation phase objectives?
    regards endo

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    • My frustration is the companies lack of knowledge/awarness regarding its ability to market and finance itself not with its technical/product side as I have stated. Some examples are the lack of management to promote itself by issueing press releases when a prestigious institution signs on, a free and self serving device that you learn in elementary school. Knowing that you do not tieup sales people with installations in advance not as an afterthought, again 101. Using letters of intent after FDA approval rather than waiting, hiring a finance person knowing you are going to need for various functions. I could go on and on but you get the point. They should be beyond the fundamental stages of a startup. I didn't sell when original rollout was discussed because I mistakenly thought management was more knowledgeable about running a company not just developing a product, which I have stated they are good at. I can see MELA worth over $billion dollars on a proforma level but stockholders will not participate if shareprice is not promoted and supported by management, we will be controlled by the dillution that will be needed to grow the company. Management keeps jobs and stock grants, shareholders sit on dead money for years while company grows, etc etc.....we have all seen it before. My time horizion on Mela, as far as an investment, will be reviewed post haste.. Yes i'm frustrated and my patience is a tad thin but we do need to see all sides.

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