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  • b767cpt1 b767cpt1 Jan 23, 2013 9:58 AM Flag

    Keep the faith in - Gulfo

    !) He brilliantly steered MELA through treacherous FDA waters.

    2) He appears to be on target for his first year objectives and nothing but positive karma is coming from the Derm community that is currently using Melafind. The MELA mojo is building and the product will sell itself with the Derms spreading the word.

    3) He said this will be the year that he transforms MELA from a company into a business.

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    • b767cpt1 Jan 24, 2013 7:51 PM Flag

      After much thought and contemplation I have decided to sell my shares of mela and move on. Gulfo is really doing a horrible job ... I just can't believe I listened to Fish for all these many months and followed his lousy advice. I wish I never invested in this risky stock it is soooo diluted now and it's only going to get worse. THE FAT LADY HAS SUNG. Sam. You're next. GLTA.

      Sentiment: Sell

    • We heard Gulfo is preparing his departure. Just a matter of time.

    • He brilliantly steered MELA through treacherous FDA waters.

      Calm the F down pilot man. We all know BS euphenisms when we hear them. oooooh...treacherous waters......just land the plane dopey, stop with the drama filled narrative.

    • delivered by Gulfo with very little enthusiasm. No mention whatsoever about any discussions with any national medical companies. Reimbursement could take years. Have a real need to reduce SUBSTANTIALLY cost of equipment. Only 100 signed agreements by 12/31/12. They will have to do 50 a month to reach their 3/31 objective of 250. They are going to have to keep the cost of the cards low in order to compete with the money a Derm makes on a biopsy. Obvious by some of the querstions that negative cash flow is a continuing problem. Gulfo would not respond to the question how many units in the marketplace will it take to reach breakeven cash flow. Gulfo has been a PR disaster

    • Totally agree that MelaFind will sell itself with Derms spreading the word.

    • Also important to keep in mind:
      Melafind is the only FDA approved product on the market that will aid (non-invasively) the Derm in making a diagnosis of Melanoma by providing an objective binary output (it is or isn't) with 98.5% accuracy. There is no product on the market that will do this. Dermascopes will help the Derm but do not provide an objective binary output.

      Melafind meets an unmet need in Medicine. Early diagnosis of Melanoma.

      Regardless of what the Bashers say--the potential market is very large. Gulfo said Derms see patients with pigmented-suspicious lesions every day all day. The Derm needs an effective way to rule out Melanoma. In addition, there are hundreds of thousand of patients living with Melanoma (~800,000) in the US. Each of these patients require close following. At least yearly visits.

      There is also a world-wide market.

      The following is from a review written by a scientists with no financial ties to Melasciences. “One of the most significant advances in the detection of melanoma over the past decade has been the development of the MelaFind15 technology by Mela Sciences.16 After a 2-year approval process, this technology received PMA (P090012) from the FDA for use in the US in 2011. The PMA approval was followed by approval for sale of the system in the European Union as well.” . 2012; 5: 195–212.” ClinCosmetInvestigDermatol

      A recent Derm said Melafind would allow her to be more selective on when to biopsy. This means potentially less cutting on patients. There is always risk and pain with cutting.

      Feedback from Patients and Physicians has been positive.

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      • sandale111 Jan 23, 2013 10:40 AM Flag

        "Melafind is the only FDA approved product on the market that will aid (non-invasively) the Derm in making a diagnosis of Melanoma by providing an objective binary output (it is or isn't) with 98.5% accuracy"

        Discredited over and over, roundhouse/endo repeats his idiotic claim. This is actually characteristiic of him. He repeatedly claimed more people get melanoma than prostate cancer or basal cell carcinoma, despite anyone who knows about cancer knows that is so obviously wrong. And he repeatedly denies that endo, his fellow golfer from Long Island with the exact same writing style as him, is not him.

        MelaFind does not give a binary result. The clown doesn't even understand what "binary" means.

        While "objective" sounds impressive to idiots, "objective" does not imply superiority. In many situations, including melanoma evaluation, "objective" is inferior. No gadget/toy can match a dermatologists "subjective" judgment using a dermatoscope.

        He implies that somehow the MelaToy is "special" for being approved by the FDA. The dematoscope is also approved, and there was no suspicious activity involved in its approval--no initial rejection followed by a sore-losing company hiring lobbyists followed by politicians putting inappropriate pressure on a government agency to reverse the judgment of the world's top dermatologists.

        No matter how one cuts it, the dermatoscope is a far superior device than the MelaToy.

    • Management is the problem not the product or the plan...The 49ers were a good team, they are better with the new coach and quarterback. Present management will possibly lose company after current dilution is over. Shareholders have already felt the effect.......
      If Dr. G is really shareholder friendly he has very little time left to prove it. I hope your rite for I have real money and time invested at present. Time to lead, follow or get the f---- out of the way. JMO

    • sandale111 Jan 23, 2013 10:04 AM Flag

      Cpt, you should trade in your pilot's uniform for a cheerleader's outfit, complete with pom-poms.

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