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  • b767cpt1 b767cpt1 Mar 27, 2013 8:03 PM Flag

    Melafind Exam

    I went for a scan today just to see the machine in action and liked what I saw.
    The machine was actually a little smaller and more compact than I expected and actually proved to be a good move on my part from a health standpoint. Two moles came back with high dis-organization, ones that I might add that my old school Derm with her glorified magnifying glass had been missing in her exam for quite some time on the six month checks. One mole came in with a relative low number on the scale and the Derm's PA said that would be one that they would watch, the other came back fairly high number and they took that one for biopsy. The number was not off the scale high but just over the lower limit where they biopsy to be on the safe side. I asked the PA what she would have done had she not had the melafind input and she told me that she would have first attempted to freeze with nitrogen the one taken for biopsy and would have biopsy the one that she decided to wait on due to the low number.
    In addition, I had someone else with me who's Derm recommended biopsy on two moles, they were scanned and found to be low-disorganization, thus saving them from unnecessary biopsy.
    The PA said that they do not use the machine as a simple yeah or no but use it as a supplemental tool for more information in making a diagnosis. They also said that they are getting a lot of use from the machine with three to five patients per day and analyzing three to five moles per patient.
    Pricing- When I first contacted this office approximately two months ago, they stated that the charge was $50 for the first mole (assume to cover the cost of the card) and $25 for each additional mole. They ended up charging us each $50 total for the melafind exam and insurance covered the rest. My question now is if they have gone to the $12.50 per mole exam that Gulfo was speaking about and then this particular Derm is collecting an additional $12.50 per mole.
    I feel that this turned out to be a very worth while trip.

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