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  • hhh9576 hhh9576 Apr 19, 2013 4:38 PM Flag

    MELA looking good again (yet)

    I'm tempted to re-enter again.

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    • You honestly believe that mela is "looking good" again? Really?

      In the last quarter, mela has tanked thirty percent. In the past couple of days it is up 6% and this makes you believe that it is showing strength? Have you not noticed an historical trend where the stock always goes up a few percentage points just prior to an earnings call (due to "gambler" investors) only to tank again shortly thereafter because the news is never really encouraging?

      Why must I always have to point out the most elementary of events and trends to you guys? More importantly... why do you never seem to learn?

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      • And you presume too much. How do you know I won't sell it before earnings?? I already day traded this a few days ago on that last little rally. But fact is, that the trend is showing strength off of recent support. Maybe it will fall after earnings, but you don't know that, although you'd like to pump yourself up as so smart to know what no one does know yet.

      • Talking about a short term trade, basing it on technical movement. Plus, there's likely good news about their business possible to be announced in near future to help temporarily hype the stock short term. Please save your lectures about how it has dropped long term & about fundamentals, etc.... It is a penny stock, most of them have bad overall earnings problems!!!! Obviously!! So---Accept that, trade based on it, or go away if you can't handle it. Therefore, save your lectures for someone else. You are not teaching anything. Anybody or any clown such as U can sit on a board over the long term & act smart(like U) posting bearish lectures all the time while a penny stock trends downward.... that takes little brains. Now go away! (IGNORE, click)

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