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  • dacrew52 dacrew52 Feb 19, 2009 9:54 PM Flag

    Calling a spade a spade

    We will finish high tomorrow.

    This is me 3 months ago except on the SSO board.

    Give me one new ounce of data(not good data or new stimulus that actually helps demand side) that causes a new low.

    We have been here before and this time shorts needed to leverage the margin aspect.

    Longs are here and have more cash now then they did last NOv. They are waiting for Bears to grow a set.

    They are saying you want to try to sneak a new intra low in, be our guest. Make us more rich then we already are. Bears will go hungry when they try to grow a set and start shorting again. The problem is, what shares can they buy back.

    We have never seen the supply of cash in MM's as their is right now. Their is more money in MM's then their is in the DOW right now.

    We are in one of the greatest moments in the stock market. No one has pussied out yet, this is fantastic.

    This is the day(week) we will talk about for a long long time. I'm a gambling man, but I like when there is upside potential, and a weighted wallet backing it.

    Again, I repeat, blame jackass pit man yesteraday morning. Guess who followed his pathetic act. CBNC guy. THis is just sad. When you our out of cash, you use your voice.

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    • No need to talk to this guy. From the start he speaks like a troll.

      I tried to play nice and expand on my thoughts and once again he shows how much he resembles a troll.

      That's fine.

      I am lucky not be foolish enough to judge a book by it's cover or should I say a market by 2 hours of trading.

    • careful. he may have the last laugh today. Expect some major action in either way closer to close.

    • Hey lets not mock each others loss.
      I for one have lost thousands and
      know how painfull it is.

    • Wow look at this rally dacrew!

    • da: Late to the board today, but appears that you're taking some serious grief for presenting a plausible view. Personally, I think it has plenty of merit and will continue trading the moves recognizing that, at some point, the programmed little black boxes will kick in and the shorts will be strongly motivated to cover. The fact that we're only down 80-90 suggests that others share your view. I guess we'll see by the end of the day. Until then, trade your convictions and GL.

    • Thanks.

      I think 7,850 is the decision time for a turning point in the market. After all we closed on it and it seemed to be the pivot of the market. We opened down tues getting us under it. I still think it's a solid pivot for the market.

      7,670-7,693 is a more likely upswing. If we do see a new low, and do get a bounce and only reach these levels, I am selling my long. I think we will have unfinished business with lows if we dont' get back to 7,850.

    • your crazy, we are crashing we we are crashing. everybody expects a bounce like we did in november. guess what? it aint happening. this time next week im calling 7k, you say we are going higher tomorrow? higher as in +3 on the dow like wednesday? or a actual volume driven rally +400?

      c'mon lets here it.

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      • Hmm, So you are saying that Longs are non existant?

        Let's argue your point. I have argued mine.

        So market will just sink another 1K points and stay there? If that was the case wouldn't we have gotten there alot quicker?

        But let's break the intra day low first before I get named called. Although I do expect to be casted as the town clown. Was that the last time we visited lows last Nov. I can take it.

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