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  • zebandersonjr zebandersonjr Sep 22, 2009 2:34 PM Flag

    if and a big IF

    My understanding from a firend who works in "DC"...the fed is gogin to keep the rates low until they feel the wave of ARM resets are through the pipeline.

    Word was "damn everything else for now....we CANNOT have real estate crumple any further or the rest is toast."

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    • the fed or govt has no control of the real estate market

      their actions are for not unless people get back to work....what unemployed person stays current on their bills for any length of time?

      Better yet....its becoming morally acceptable to walk away from your obligation....who pays for a 400,000 assett that appraises for 275,000????

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      • I didn't say control, I said do as much as possible to help it. Like keeping rates as low as possible during the ARM resests coming.

        Plus here's more fun from Cap Hill:

        Homebuyer (not first time either) tax credit, MARKET ADJUSTED. So say in DC, you get a $25k credit and West Texas gets $5k.

        Seperate mortgage money interest rates from the prime rate, so that higher rates will not choke off any movement.

        Govt backed Mortgage Insurance for THE OWNER (PMI is for the lender!) so that if they ever fall under water, the insurance kicks in the difference and the market doesn't stall.

        Start to pressure banks into 40 to 50 year loan adjustments for loans originated 2005-2007.

        So...yeah the stuff Im hearing is crazy.....but does it seem that far fetched considering what's already going on? Look at what has occured under the "we have to do this for the good of the system." Give them and inch...tehy take a mile. Who is going to stop and you on a message board?

        The whole point right save housing and make everything look better so that the average person DOES NOT care about health care or cap and trade when they pass.

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