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  • buycbc buycbc Feb 11, 2010 6:33 PM Flag

    2 days of same news moves market?

    this Greece news is so funny. all the EU is doing is SAYING they will support them. What does this have to do with how shitty our economy is? why would the dow go up 100 points because of words? Oh that's right, that's all that controls the Dow. Words. Not results.

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    • holy snikes I'm a celeb. I've never had 14 replies on my subject.

      thanks for the replies.

      I've day traded dxd, faz for 2010. I'm up 6% so far. I bought dxd at 6pm last night and sold it at 10am. Amazing and now the dow is only down 50. That's why I covered when I saw triple digit loss. I thought the dow would come back. Just another opportunity to buy more dxd.

      I've been outta work since Nov. and I only see negatives on the street but CNBC and Osama talk and talk about how we are recoving. blah blah. I don't see us going higher on the dow realistically at least til 2012.

    • Agreed. China and India are the last two countries experiencing significant growth. They remain a big reason for commodities to rally. Slowdown in one of the two, even if self-initiated, will weigh on world markets. The markets want to see big growth numbers out of the two countries.

    • I agree that markets seems to want to melt up, but to me that is a sign of why we won't have another big bounce coming (at least not anything that will carry us back close to 10,700) until the bigger correction is done. Those melting up days won't sustain to the upside. There were definitely a lot of people who missed out on the run. They will be feeling pressure to get in on any significant pullback, and I think that's what we are seeing. Volume over the last few up days has been weak, indicating that its a lot of retail and small investor buying, rather than institutional, hence the market it melting up. It is also those buyers that will provide momentum to the downside when they realize that they bought in too soon. In other words, we are seeing the same thing in the market, we are just interpreting it differently. We all knew that the melt up that occurred over the holidays on low volumes couldn't be sustained and I think these few days during the correction will turn out to be the same. JMHO

    • Max, you are way ahead of the herd that don't really get it yet. I think we are heading down at least 2000 points from here before we think about bouncing.

    • yes banks will make far more on their short positions than in lending to iffy buyers.

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      • Everyone reads to much into what the media pumps up their a$$. Its a blatant attempt to misdirect you from focusing on what you should.

        As for commercial real estate...banks have set aside loss reserve...and as long as extend and pretend is consider legal dont expect banks to collapse.

        Regarding sovereign debt defaults...yawnnnnnn....If it was urgent action would be taken more aggressively

        Regarding China....lets see - their number one exporter - thats you and I - is proclaimed dead.....yet they are tightening and going to slow domestic growth and kill their economy,,,,makes perfect sense

        Along with CHLN that max mentioned

        I also like XIN --- own under $4 as well had a good quarter report well under book.

        Also check out CIM hammered the last 2 days,,,,have had this on watch for 2 months....waiting for a chance for low 3-3.50 ...pulled trigger @ 3.60

        i like INTC BAC JPM FLR and only long ETF i will buy is UYG. Look how well banks have held up in todays "selloff"

        GL - dont hold your breathe for a castastrophy

        Bulls are teasing the bears letting them load up short before they squeeze their nuts and cut em off again!

    • This is onluy your opinion

      Money managers see earnings growth in tech sector - safe yields of 3.5% or greater in CVX DD KFT PFE MRK

      And yields over 6% in VZ & T

      not to mention massive inflation on the horizon weather it be 2 years or 5 years....commodities trend is higher....cant print or grow gold copper oil zinc aluminum water etc....

      All this talk about commercial real estate collapsing is the bears last great fear....has anything been allowed to fail yet? I think not....

      And high unemployment has been priced in so anything positive will bring more upside to the market....the govt wont allow the system to fail ..... go with the flow!

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      • "Money managers see earnings growth in tech sector - safe yields of 3.5% or greater in CVX DD KFT PFE MRK

        And yields over 6% in VZ & T"

        Not sure if you meant "safe yields" applied to VZ and T, but they have both lost 10% since the first of the year and neither had spectacular earnings. So, I wouldn't exactly call that a safe yield. Also, when oil prices go up, which would be the result of your commodities trend, oil companies ironically make less money and their margins get squeezed. So, I wouldn't exactly call CVX a "safe" bet either.

        Commercial real estate is also not the last tool in the bears shed. You are forgetting about potential sovereign defaults, China pulling in credit and slowing down development, unemployment actually turning higher rather than lower, etc. The double-dip remains a definitve possibility. Is it certain? No, of course not. But, I would be careful believing that there is no other bad news awaiting this market, and that money managers are continuing to pour money in. In fact, mutual fund redemptions were occurring at the end of last week, and yesterday's volumes suggested that institutional players were not involved in the runup.

      • So Tim can you give us a thumbnail of your strategy going forward?

      • unless they go bankrupt Tim....

        Nobody to buy our debt means no more funding bailouts or paying government got a taste of that yesterday at the 30 yr bond auction...

        My brother has been in the commercial real estate space for 25 is coming and in a very very bad way...the defaults will start slowly in 2010 and gain momentum until peaking 2012.

        More trillions evaporated in wealth from the market.

        Banks aren't lending because they know this is coming.

    • Well, words are "rumor", and a rumor is a buy.

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