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  • thebookstar1 thebookstar1 Sep 23, 2011 3:10 PM Flag


    Anyone else out there who got burned by this newsletter slinger ? I have lost over $6,000 from following Harry Dent's Boom & Bust Newsletter advice. This guy has been so freakin' wrong since I signed up to receive his newsletter and advisory service. He picked TBF in Aug and Sept and it's down huge! Lost 15% on this one. Nice! Thanks Harry! You're a genius! He picked AEC , Associated Estates Realty Corp and this one is down 13% in a month. Ouch! Another loser. Thanks Harry Dent!!! Oh, can't forget to mention his genius call to buy JNK at $40.29 on July 28th, 2011. Now trading at $37.15, this one's lost me 7.8%. Can't believe anything this guy says. He predicts the end of the world and goes short US Treasury 20 yr bond? WTF!!! UH, Harry, word to the genius, if you are predicting weak economic forecast for the US and US stocks, you don't buy into and ETF that is linked to stonger economic growth in the form of higher treasury yields. Everyone and his Grandma Ma knows this simple trading lesson. Just letting everyone know that you are wasting your money if you give into your curiosity to try Harry Dent's Boom & Bust services. His information and forecasts are worthless and I highly recommend not giving him a penny for his BS newsletters. They are not worth the ink they are printed with.

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    • Check out Zacks newsletter. Excellent for 2011.

    • You're down because you don't know how to read. TBF is a treasury short and he states it is not an overnight play. It may take years with the way Ben is playing the game, but eventually interest rates are going to take off. Sit tight and cost average on it. You forgot to mention NBB which is up over 10% near its 52 week high and pays a dividend.

    • those are long plays for dividend, they would not have been unsafe when everything else is wiped during the crash. They should be income producing until the cows come home. You missed his meaning for those purchases if you sold short you hurt yourself needlessly. Granted the tbt was not a good pick but you should have known that the government is involved ,which means any and everything about the treasuries is fiddled with. I hope you can regain your losses, and im sorry you suffered that kind of loss. Good luck next time friend robert.

    • Everyone knew except you apparently because you believed this guy instead of listening to your own inner wisdom.

      Dent is a long-term demographics trend guy, not a market timer. He can be right in the long term, every market will go up and down given a long enough time horizon, but you can lose all your money in the short-term.

      Sorry for your losses. Think for yourself in the future!

    • Yeah. I don't get the newsletter but I have been reading a bit and following. To be fair, even Bill Gross was suggesting TBF. But it looks a few years off at this point.

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