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  • pmcmurrell pmcmurrell Oct 26, 2001 12:54 PM Flag

    WAG and Legal Problems

    WAG has been sloppy! They filled my wife's prescription at the Walgreens on Roosevelt and Ridgeland in Oak Park, IL, 3 times wrong. This was after warning them each time and after returning the medications 3 times. My wife has kidney damage from toxicity, so I wonder if they misfilled the prescriptions when we did not catch it! All failures were overdosed and could have cause hospital stays of up to about 30 days! We may have a basis to "sue the crap out of WAG now." They acknowledged the error at least once, and I received a letter of apology. But what about the people who did not detect an error? Are they now homeless after spending $1,000 per day in the hospital!

    What about PPA in cough syrup? Walgreens was clever in making "knockoffs" with PPA. Lawyers are now gathering information to SUE - for real. Come on, PPA has caused strokes. Maybe WAG was too clever. Maybe they should unintegrate some of their operations and spin off drugs mfg.

    Yeah, WAG is cute in selling candy and making big bucks on cigarettes (and liquor previously). The alcoholics lined up to buy - until better deals happened at other stores. Even the local Jewel Foodstore sells it now.

    So, that got to change and meet the competition! Sell WAG and buy CVS, it makes sense [alternative action analysis in business school].

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    • I know the Pharmacy Mgr at the store you supposedly trade at. He knows nothing about your ficticious claims.

      I feel pretty stupid for even asking him now that I read your post again. You can't even make your made-up story sound convincing.
      "3 times wrong .....after returning the medication 3 times." Wouldn't that be 6 times genius?

      "I wonder how many times we didn't catch it"
      Huh? Lets see, you caught it 6 times and kept going back to the same pharmacy but you don't know how many times you didn't catch it?

      Do you know that people have been sued for posting this type of material? Ask Yahoo.

      What about the "clever knockoffs"? Again, you show your complete ignorance. Walgreens Labs have been closed for years.
      All the PPA products, including CVS's "clever knockoffs" were pulled off the shelves by the same recall.

      "Lawyers are gathering information to sue"
      What lawyers? What information? What are you talking about?

      As for the cigarette and liquor paragraph, it sounds like you just ran out of imagination right there at the end. This paragraph has no point. Are you against Wags selling liquor? Or perhaps you're against CVS selling liquor. Or maybe CVS shouldn't sell cigarettes, is that it?

      Which business school did you attend? What years?

      I would like to get your opinion on all the lawsuits that CVS is being bombarded with. Actual lawsuits, not made-up ones like you're talking about. Do you have the intelligence to tell us what you think about these very important matters? How do you think all these REAL lawsuits are affecting people's decisions on whether or not to buy CVS stock?

      Did you think that committing libel would somehow detract from these very important lawsuits against CVS?

      How do you feel about CVS's lack of sales?
      How do you feel about CVS missing their numbers and blaming it on the New York disaster?

      I dare you to answer these questions. I don't think you will because you don't seem to have enough intelligence.

      I do hope, however, that you WILL continue making slanderous remarks against Walgreens.
      3 hots and a cot, BABY!

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      • Well, the pharmacy manager now is not likely the same one. The store was recently rebuilt.

        I am a witness, my wife is a witness, and Walgreens is a witness that my wife's prescriptions were filled wrong 3 times.
        This is not something to be proud of for the pharmacists. The one or ones who did it are likely playing DUMB, if you asked the right one. Not likely!

        As to PPA, yes, I saw an ad on TV by lawyers preparing a class action legal suit about it.
        Sorry, law firm names are not easy to recall.

        Could be that Walgreens closed it drug manufacturing business. So, maybe I am wrong about that. Maybe there are not real Walgreen's made drugs anymore. If this is the case, as I have often be a WAG stockholder, I am surprised that I missed that.

    • If what you say is true maybe you should consider filing a complaint with the state board of pharmacy. Many pharmacists work in conditions as bad as T shirt sweat shop workers. Long hours no breaks etc. Check the volume of prescriptions and the amount of staff they have. Its not uncommon for pharmacists to fill 200+ scripts in a shift. Is this safe? You tell me. If it is a high volume store ask the board to look at work load issues. The boards job is to protect the public. Unfortunately most boards seem to turn their back on taking action about pharmacists workload. Many have left because of the work load and dealing with the constant insurance issues that get worse each year. Unless there is a public outcry the work load will get worse and the potential for errors may increase. Opinion only

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      • State boards are limited by the power given to them by the state legislature. What you may consider a simple solution may in fact not be that simple. There are solutions but we have to wait for state laws to catch up. For example, central filling of rxs. Thats when maintenance meds are filled at one location and shipped out to the pharmacies to be dispensed. This way a pharmacist only has to worry about new rxs and couseling. I am not sure where state law is concerning this but I know they are working on it. Wag is working with prototypes and this is one of several things that will reduce the pressure on rph's.
        Until these things take effect I go back to a previous point. The pharmacist is in charge of his pharmacy. It is their responsibilty to create a safe enviroment to do their job. Patient care is the utmost responsibility of a paharmacist and that is the way the state board looks at it. We may or may not agree with this but that is reality.

    • News Flash!!!!! CVS misfills prescriptions, too! All Pharmacists do.
      And PPA was around for many, many, many years in brand name and house name products everywhere. You're gonna tell me that CVS doesn't have a house brand?

    • First of all the job of a CEO is to increase shareholder value period. As far as the convenience, your under estimating the power of the PBM's/insurance to force people via costs to go to the pharmacy that is in the network. People are more resistant to changing doctors but do because it is too expensive for them not to use their network doctors. My brother, after changing employers, now drives 50 miles to his network doctor. Why? Because its too expensive for him to go to a out of network doctor. The PBM's will keep lowering RX margins until there is a push back. As long as you have grocery stores and mass merchandisers who take any fee the margins will continue to erode and people will be forced to go to preferred providors. The fact that the free standing store is a high cost providor of RX and HBA's is quite interesting. Economics has and will rule pharmacy. No industry is immune to the economics of lowest cost providors killing off higher cost providors of products and services. While there is some merit to your comments about convenience, time will tell as the market of providors begins to stratify and providors drop out of programs. When RXHUB gets going what do you think a patient will say when the docotor says "your insurance says you can get a 100 day supply of meds for one copay and save $20 via mail order or a 30 day supply at the local pharmacy. Do you want the prescription sent to the local pharmacy? The chains will find out what the independent found out, customer loyalty is worth about a dime. More and more companies are requiring mail order services. Yes your correct the chains survive because of the total growth of prescritpions. However, as soon as the central fills and mail order deals really get going, and the public gets use to the new way to get meds the erosion of the market will exceed the growth. That's when the chains will realize that pushing the pharmacists value to zero and keeping them away from the public as much as possible will come home to stay. The chains banked on production increases not enhancement of services provided by pharmacists that are charged for. Fast food drive ups hurt the front end sales as now a greater portion of the revenue in a chain is from the lower and lower margin RX business. The truth of the RX market is hidden in the growth of prescritpion volume. Were it not for growth in total market the chain CEO's would all be crying. The next few years as technology gets going will be very interesting. The fact that expansion of stores was cut in a growth industry is interesting to say the least. Especially since WAG says the shortage of RPH's hasn't hurt them. Incidentally do you think the CEO's will ever figure out that if they would improve the work environment, close the pharmacy a few holidays maybe some pharmacists who left might come back and the rate of those leaving will slow. Do you think they will figure out that the 24 hour stuff is taking an important resource, pharmacists, out of the high productivity times, days and putting more work load on the day shifts. What would happen if the 24 hours stuff went away and all the night phrmacists worked days to reduce the workload of all pharmacists? Think a few more pharmacists would come back to pharmacy?
      Opinions only what do I know about business

    • i think this clown is a short seller; he is hoping for the stock to go down so he can make money the dishonest way; what a pathetic piece of trash

    • Philrunner wants to know where pharmacies are going to be in 5-10 years. What's wrong with the drive thru at Walgreens and else were. It is convenient for the customer that is in a hurry. I have picked up prescriptions this way when in a hurry and I have gone in the store as well because I may have needed some other item. They seem to have a little bit of everything in their store. Convenience, easy to get into, plenty of common items you always need. Cold medicines, candies, magazines, school and work suppplies, vitamins, even some snack food items. You know what I like the most is that it doesn't take you 5 minutes to walk to just get in the joint. Plus they fill prescriptions and where are those headed with the influx of baby boomers.

    • Why don't you guys exchange e-mail addresses or phone numbers or something? This line of conversation is getting really old.

    • You must be in corporate. Any fund managers want to discuss the retail drug store industry?
      I would like to have a dialogue with someone with a busines and or financial background.

    • Neither one of us will convince the other
      so why go on. I think the future for pharmacist and Wag looks great and will only get better. Only time will tell. Take care.

    • I know this guy pmcmurrell. Nobody misfilled his wife's prescription because he's not even married. He's making all this up to try to get the smallbrains to sell their Wag stock.

      Hey C.K., you've been MADE.

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