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  • irtsnay2002 irtsnay2002 Oct 30, 2001 11:04 AM Flag

    pmcmurrell, where aaaaaaaaaarrre you?

    How's your CVS portfolio today?

    All that big talk, where are you today?

    CVS is self-destructing; are they still a BIG THREAT to Walgreens?

    You and your synthetic wife better think about food stamps.

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    • The CVS move is wise! Obviously, 200 pharmacies is not significant out of 4200. And, these are obviously some of the worst.
      Not only that, the write-off is not really big, which means the stores were mostly written-off earlier by depreciation. Further, some assets may be recovered. The move is to improve return on investment, it is obviously not throwing in the towel. It is throwing down the gauntlet. Don't be stupid, this is WAR!

      This is a write-off of 5% of of pharmacies, not a write-off of 25% of gross assets. Don't be stupid, this move was POSITIVE for CVS!

      I has a 100 shares, and I regret being unfortunate enough to have the timing of buying just before the announcement. But, the stock is a better buy than ever. The result will be higher returns on investment and more focus on solving company problems. It does not mean the stock is worth 5% less, to the contrary, it could be the decision means it is worth more!

      Think longer term [if there is a longer term, thinking of Armageddon at some time, along with what leads to it]!

      If anything is stupid about buying CVS, it is that it may be stupid to BUY ANYTHING!

      At least the CVS people are patriotic enough to try and take advantage of low interest rates and maybe build even more upscale stores in good locations. Have faith in God, your country, or the basic goodness of men? Maybe not, but Bush supports borrowing money to make jobs. Walgreens may have no debt, but really, they should [if they have faith in the future].

      When one has debt, one has a big advantage. It provides a guaranteed investment. When you earn more money, paying off debt is a sure-fire investment.

      No one knows the future for sure, but it is clear that Walgreens has been ultraconvservative with respect to debt. Only time will tell if this will have been wise. Maybe it will be wise, but moderate agressiveness is better - if there is an economic recovery. Of course, maybe there won't be - EVER!

      Maybe hold WAG, and at the current prices at rate CVS as a STRONG BUY!

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