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  • jeffreyvs jeffreyvs Aug 21, 2002 11:54 AM Flag

    this shitty stock is only good for

    covered calls. You could have made a fortune with this method in the last 3 years. Instead, you morons hold and lose purchasing power due to inflation. Oh, I almost forgot that hefty dividend that WAG pays.

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    • The only posts you read here that are "complete fabrications" as you put it, are your own.....that ole truth, she is a tough mistress, and it looks like she has done bitchslapped yo punk ass again......

    • Now thats a new post stupidity and then post more of the same in support of your own prior message.....brilliant....dipshit....

    • ok braindeadboy.....first...there is no link to would have to call the district office to inquire......and second...I have never thought that my posts....or anyone elses posts...are going to directly affect this or any other really do just make stuff up when you have nothing of substance....."CAREFULLY PLACED CASE CLOSED ALOT"

    • the only reason I started posting here at all was because I read posts that were complete fabrications and I felt compelled to respond to them. I have worked for Wag for many years and I have worked for the competitors and I can tell you that most of these posts are such complete nonsense. I have made money day trading with Wag and some shorting but I'll admit other stocks I have found are better for that since Wag doesn't move much in either direction.

    • of course not.

    • do you think your posts will help your short position?

    • other pharmacies have a shortage but Wag does not? Wow Wag can do no wrong. The perfect investment everyone wants to work for Wag, no shortage at all, hmmmm that's why they offer huge bonuses. Or perhaps those articles that you posted about the bonuses were not correct. Hmmmmm. Do they offer bonuses when they don't have a shortage?

    • OK then show me the link. A waiting list? Are you really that stupid? Do you really work for Wag? How could you work for a company and have no idea at all what's going on? Do you really think your posts are going to lift the stock price?

    • <you are an idiot and a lier. Wag offers a $10,000 bonus in Illinois and $20,000 in California and I believe Nevada. They close stores often when they cannot staff them. If there are any honest posters out there you can confirm what I am saying.>

      There were plenty of referrences concerning "bonus" in those posts. Maybe some reading glasses would help.

    • Unfortunately, no one held you by the hand to put the pieces together dipshit....all the other whiners, particularly CVS...are blaming their poor performance on that shortage....thing is...with very rare exception in a few areas, Walgreens isnt suffering at all...We actually have waiting lists in my district, as in others mentioned in other them all numbnuts, and see if you can put the pieces together.....and don't worry...none of us will be either surprised or disappointed if you can't..."CAREFULLY PLACED CASE CLOSED ALOT"

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