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  • jhg1292002 jhg1292002 Feb 22, 2003 10:41 PM Flag

    An honest post.

    The following has been established.

    Richie uses the following aliases to bash walgreens because he is too much of a pussy to do it with his richie ID: investingzeus, heymanhmmm, the_truth, one_for_you, dreytader, looking for the pope, monsterwarrant, oscar, exwagemployee, plus all the mock ID's he has cowardly created by changing just one letter in someone's ID. Some of these richie ID's are used to taunt others with perverted descriptions of homosexual fantasies.

    Richie has never come out and explained his "I'm not only a basher, but I'm also long too." statement.

    Richie has never come out to explain his ridiculous,"CVS will go up more than Wag with the Wag Jan. figures release."

    Richie has never explained why he bought CVS at 64 and bragged about it on the CVS board with his zeus ID. Soon after, it crashed into the mid-twenties and richie still bragged that he made money. No matter what the stocks he owns do, he always brags about making money.

    Richie is not man enough (see his zeus messages) to defend his outrageous predictions. Nor is he man enough to bash with just one ID. I bet that if his wife reads this board, she is ashamed to be married to such an in-the-closet wimp.

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    • I have not been reading this board very long, but I've been here long enough to notice that richie changes his ID every time he gets backed into a corner, and then uses his Walgreen bashing ID's to defend himself. Take a look at todays messages and see which ID's he uses to try to discredit those who see him for what he really is.

      No one but jhg has ever answered the question "Why do the Wag bashers defend richie who claims to be long on Wag." Think about that. Why would you defend someone you're fighting against? This made no sense to me until jhg explained that all those bashers are really richie. Now it all makes sense.

      I too, enjoy reading scoville's messages, so shut the hell up richie. Go read a Playgirl magazine or something.

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