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  • ghost_of_kosher ghost_of_kosher Mar 27, 2003 10:38 PM Flag

    buy scln the next scio

    Check it out, make the big money in scln; 6 to 60; a 10 bagger. Call 1-800 sci-clone for an info kit. Go to archives Why buy scln?1. Zadaxin immuneotherapy product with multiple indications, is actually sold, prior to 1st world approvals, in china. $17,000,000 yearly sales as a hep b monotherapy,. Name another developmental biotech selling pre-fda Zadaxin works. 1. It causes rapid proliferation of your body's own stem cells. 2. It is also able to differentiate those stem cells into T-helper cells, type 1 (Th1) and natural killer cells (NK).It also decreases the rate of viral replication via the MHC-1 molecule. 3. HCV survives by using the Th2 arm of the immune system to disguise itself. It is now known that many viruses and some cancers use Th2 to avoid destruction.4. Interferon has always tended to cancel itself out to some degree in everyone. Interferon does stimulate production of Th1 cells, but it also generates more Th2. 5.Zadaxin stimulatesTh1,& inhbits Th2.
    2. Read more on zadaxin mechanism of action at Bottom line is the drug works!!! as a hep b monotherapy, in japan partial phase 3 results show 26% success vs. 17% using currently approved ribavarin.
    3. FDA grants orphan drug status,march 2000, for Zadaxin to treat liver cancer. Possible fats track approval for zadaxin.
    4. Partnership with Hoffman-Laroche!! Donating entire phase 3 supply, 20-40 million, $1000 a dose, of pegylated interferon for combo testing with zadaxin. Major pharma�s big stamp of approval. Anyone donating to maxm?
    5. Multiple trials and testing of zadaxin. U.S. Phase 3 peg interferon plus Zadaxin dosing started last year. leaking of early positive P111 results may be the reason for scln's recent rally from 3 to 6. European phase 2,zadaxin chemotherapy trial as of 12/02
    6. major news pending. complete japan phase 3 results out by june 2003. possible russell 2000 or nasdaq biotech index inclusion in 6/03
    7.Sciclone has a Low valuation and decent financials. 17 million in revenues.low market cap to sales ratio. 12x vs. industry standard of 20x. no debt, 21
    8. Scln has other promising products. SCV-07, one of an entire class of molecules developed to treat drug resistant bacteria passed Russian phase 2 clinicals for tuberculosis. Scln seeking grant money for further research.
    9. Sigma Tau partnership!! 3.7 million dollars in cash, 10% of the stock and sponsorship of European,phase 2 cancer chem. Adjuvant trials. The main Italian state pharmaceutical company; they specialize in chemotherapy products and have a product for higher sperm counts, wounded elbow, you child molester.
    10. As Bernard Baruch says, good stocks are talked down, attacked and the bad ones are talked up and promoted. The now infamous article of august 2000, equating Scln with deer penis extract is a classic example. Our resident board basher,wounded elbow at $5.58 is still firing away. Why? Does maxm have a professional basher? No. Someone is paying him; that is why. No one in their right mind would expend the effort he does unless they are paid by the same people who planted the article.
    11. scln an easy takeover candidate, thanks to weak california laws. by roche, sgp, jnj or any major pharma. sigma tau owns 10%. A private investor Randall J.Kirk owns 8% at 3 bucks a share. He bought Scios also at 3;when its lead product was in phase 3 testing.
    12. UBS Warburg covers sciclone. They raised money for the phase 3 and are advising Scln. They did their due diligence and backed scln.
    13. Because I said so, that is why!!!
    14. How many scln execs does it take to screw in a light bulb? 3 and they each get paid half a million for doing it. Plus stock options.

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    • I for one do not short stocks -- I post opinions and have a hearty laugh at how seriously others defend their "knowledge" that WAG is a great company --- I do not dispute that WAG is a great company --- what I do dispute is those who say it is a great investment -- in the 21st century WAG has done nothing but go down in value -- for anyone to cry to the SEC about that is indeed a joke --- everyone has the final decision in their investments --- if you did not sell @ $45 a share the SEC will not rescue you!

    • We got some bashers here too, never realized the pays people to bash good companies but it makes sense. That's proably why these bashers here are so dedicated, just like whores they prostitute themselves out for the Then can say look how good we are at spotting the bad companies, you must subscribe to us. I have heard the SEC has been looking into the practices of the, I hope they get their clock cleaned. I'll send an e-mail off to the SEC ASAP about these Wag bashers, lets see how HAHAHAHA they are with the SEC up their ass with a microsope.