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  • negfeedback2000 negfeedback2000 Nov 5, 2003 11:50 PM Flag

    what the hell happened?

    I go out to do my pizza delivery gig and all the longs are fighting?? You all have common interest in Wag and you call each other names?
    Johnboy is OK in my book, he was willing to agree to a cool off period.
    Seems all of the longs patience is exausted just by holding this stock.
    Divide and conquer, yeah baby, thats what I'm talking about!!!!!

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    • <<<Seems all of the longs patience is exausted just by holding this stock.>>> What kind of warped logic is that? Wag stock is doing great. The best it has done in quite some time. I see much further upside. Not caring for johnboys post has nothing to do with walgreen stock. Are you not the guy who is upset at walgreen because they won't allow you double insurance. So you have decided to try to trash-talk the stock every opportunity you can. Seems the more this stock rises, the more upset you get.

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      • To answer your question. No I did not want double insurance. Wag's job literature points out that their benifits are a cafeteria plan. (under IRS rules) I.E. benifits in leiu of compensasion. Yet when an employee has health insurance through their spouse, they cannot get the money Wag would pay toward their insurance. Most working women fall into this catagory. So if a man and woman had the same job at the same pay, since the man is usally the supplier of insurance and the woman has hers through her husband, the woman costs Wag less as she is not allowed to get the money instead. I think it a dirty trick to say one thing and then find out it's not true once you start work. I dont' like dirty tricks.
        Yes, lately Wag stock is going up but the past five years it's flat. although it's a good trading stock.