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  • scoville8 scoville8 Nov 8, 2003 7:35 PM Flag

    Walgreens is Crushing the Competition

    I have noticed Zeus, that you can't seem to provide any facts. Just insults and drivel,
    like your alter ego, heymoron, truthsetyoufree, emera, lookingforthepope,
    monsterwarrant, exwagemployee, sellthisdog, negfeedback2000 etc.

    Well here are some facts to wet your appetite.

    Walgreens is debt free.

    Walgreens has no outside derivative investments.

    Walgreens has nearly $900,000,000.00 in cash.

    Walgreens is building stores in vast numbers, while other drug chains are tearing down
    stores. CVS is STILL closing down stores each and every quarter. Read the fine

    Walgreens dominates in every market they're in.

    It usually only takes 6 months from the time Walgreens enters a new market to
    dominate that market.

    Walgreens and CVS, at the moment, have a fairly equal number of stores, YET
    Walgreens turned in 3 billion in October sales and CVS was only able to register 2
    billion. Walgreens is dominating in every way. Sales, profits, expansion,
    management...etc. etc. etc.

    Last time I checked, banks would only accept MONEY. They don't accept criticism
    about how all that money was made. Just money. So YOU are not happy about the
    way Walgreens makes ALL that money, month after month, quarter after quarter,
    year after year. That's a damn shame.
    Walgreens is in the business of making money. A whole hell of a lot more money that
    CVS makes.

    Do you remember chains like Drug Emporium? How about Pharmor? Remember
    how big Osco's used to be? How about Savon?

    Walgreens is slowly but surely burying the competition. And do you know how?

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    • Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.
      You are not posting facts verified by a third party. You are quoting from the Wag stock annual report issued to stockholders.
      You want to talk insults and misinformation.
      You and your Wag rah rahs have called anybody who doesn't agree with your retoric,
      angry employees, past and present
      possesing fat and ugly wives,
      all who don't agree, are the same person,
      and anything else you can think of in an attemp to discredit.
      I can't speak for others, in my case not a thing you said is true.
      Is this your idea of quality debate?