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  • scoville8 scoville8 Nov 12, 2003 9:40 AM Flag

    Walgreens is Crushing the Competition

    I have noticed that Zeus, using the aliases negfeedback, exwagemployee, monsterwarrent, sellthisdog, heymanhmmm, richiethec, emera, lookingforthepope, etc. etc. etc., has a hidden agenda. His wife is a pharmacist with Walgreens in Chicago, and he wanted double coverage insurance so he could scam the insurance companies, but Walgreens denied his request. He is now bitter and disgruntled and has made it his life's mission to bash this stock with whatever infantile non-sense he can dream up.

    Since he has had little luck finding any facts and even less luck putting a dent in Walgreens stock price, I thought I would share some facts with him so he knows what they look like.

    Walgreens is debt free.

    Walgreens has nearly $900,000,000.00 in cash.

    Walgreens has no outside derivative investments.

    Walgreens is building stores in vast numbers, while other drug chains are tearing down stores.

    After never having been in markets like Las Vegas and Dallas, Walgreens quickly moves in and becomes N0.1 in Vegas and N0.2 in Dallas within a matter of a few short years.

    7000 stores by 2010. The way CVS is closing stores, they will be lucky to even be a player by that year.

    Walgreens absolutely DESTROYED CVS in October Sales figures. Wags was WAY out ahead in EVERY category. CVS couldn't even beat Rite Aid in percentage increase of same store sales. That is pitiful.

    Walgreens and CVS, at the moment, have a fairly equal number of stores, YET Walgreens turned in 3 billion in Octorber sales and CVS was only able to register 2 billion. Walgreens is dominating in every way. Sales, profits, expansion, management...etc.etc.etc.

    Walgreens is poised with beachheads in every major market they need to be in to meet the incredible 2010 expansion endeavor. CVS can't seem to come up with an expansion plan. They obviously know how to CLOSE stores in great numbers, but wouldn't that be called REVERSE EXPANSION?

    Last time I checked, banks would only accept MONEY. They don't accept criticism about how all that money was made. So YOU are not happy about the way Walgreens makes ALL that money, month after month, quarter after quarter, year after year. That's a damn shame. Walgreens is in the business of making money. A whole hell of a lot more money than CVS makes.

    Do you remember chains like Drug Emporium? How about Pharmor? Remember how big Osco used to be? How about Savon?

    Walgreens is slowly but surely burying the competition. And do you know how?

    Expansion, Execution, Domination, baby!

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