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  • negfeedback2000 negfeedback2000 Jun 4, 2004 1:22 PM Flag

    looks like a real winner,,,,not!

    Walgreen Company: Stock Rating Detail
    The grades below summarize the effects of key business and trading trends on this stock. Those grades are combined and weighted to generate the StockScouter rating.



    Grade: B
    � The most recent quarterly earnings report was slightly lower than analysts� consensus forecast. Neutral/Negative

    � Earnings growth in the past year is holding steady compared to earnings growth in the past three years. Neutral

    � One or more analysts has modestly increased quarterly earnings estimates for WAG. Positive



    Grade: C
    � Insider trading information is unavailable or inconsistent.

    � Shares are under heavy accumulation by financial institutions. Positive for large companies like WAG



    Grade: F
    � The price-to-earnings multiple is higher than the average for all stocks in the StockScouter universe. Negative

    � The price-to-sales multiple is slightly lower than the average for all stocks in the StockScouter universe. Neutral for a medium- to large-sized company like WAG

    � The ratio of WAG's price-to-earnings multiple to its five-year growth rate is above the average of all stocks in the StockScouter universe. Negative



    Grade: C
    � The StockScouter measure of relative price change and consistency is flat. Neutral

    � Previous day's closing price for WAG was close to its 50-day moving average. Neutral

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