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  • theoceandove theoceandove Mar 7, 2005 11:48 PM Flag

    WOW, it's 00-01 all over again

    WRONG... there is no other drug store , bar WOOLWORTHS (of the old days) that believes in customer service like WAG. When THRIFTY'S was bought out by DEATH-AID , it killed it's customer base. I can tell you for a fact, they
    KILLED ME, (a great customer of all things great from a drug store; TP, make up, perscriptions etc) I had a slow death w/ them.
    Death-Aids ilses are worse than the most desolate in the Agean, are designed to confuse not QUENCH the wenches that buy there. If this company continues , lord knows, they'd be miles ahead to sell the company to their competition , good ol WAG, and take a vacation from a NIGHTMARE. One stands in line forever , things aren't labled with prices , they truly haven't a clue to old fashion service or reliable employees that know the products on the shelves. WAG's history
    reads like Horatio Alger, and don't think their analysts don't read these boards. They do everyday to get a greater idea of the consummer PULSE. HOR RA for WAG and may they do DEATH-AID a favor and pull the plug soon, and YES, capture the market share. WAG knows how to stock and sell... STRONG BUY for the next 20 years. Google the history of WAG.
    Good old fashion earnings and will continue.

    Super stamina and a very strong buy IMHO.

    THE OD

    ahmen WAG , thank god for a smart corp.