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  • negfeedback2000 negfeedback2000 Nov 15, 2005 1:05 PM Flag

    Market up, Wag down

    but Jramp said it always goes up?

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    • Well said!

    • Wow, is this guy (Negfeedback) rattled or what?

      First he admits to losing his ass in Wag stock. How stupid do you have to be to lose your ass in Wag stock? That's like tripping over a blade of grass. It's darn near impossible for intelligent people. 99.999999999999% of the trading days over the last century have resulted in HUGE gains for Wag stock.

      Just think of the money he would have made if he had invested wisely in this stock.

      Secondly, he got bitchslapped over his inability to figure out a simple flashlight.
      That's got to be embarrassing.

      I guess I can see why he flew off the handle and threw his little fit tonight.

    • Neggy,
      Why do you bother posting on this board
      GET OFF IT ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I bet you launder your toilet paper too. The way you invest you gotta pinch pennies where you can.
      I bet it feels good to be even after five freakin years.
      Meanwhile many other stocks with real growth, paying real dividneds are making me money.

      Keep dreaming about that stock split, maybe someday, before you take your dirt nap, hey, it could happen. That is of course if you can believe managment. You know, every time Wag stock starts to run up, all of managment and even chairman emitrious Chuck cash in their chips. Makes ya wonder if it's headed hgiher why do they always sell out!
      What a pig of a stock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • <<<<<Ever read the caution statement on battery packaging which states battery may explode if you attemp to recharge it? >>>>>

      That's for dumbasses like you who would try to hook up a car battery charger to a D cell.

      I have charged just about every conceivable battery type, from cheapo C cells from Big Lots, to Ni-Mh and beyond. I have yet to have one explode. All that's needed is the proper equipment.

      People like negfeedback and investin-dickhead are the reason that everything now-a-days has four pages of ridiculous cautions in the owners manual. "Do not attempt to use hair-dryer in the shower" "Do not eat the desicant"...etc.

    • For god's sake peeps....

      Can we not all get along and make lots of money?

      Secondly, with regards to capacitors, could you take a battery, charge the capacitor, and then BLOW UP your internet access?

      They we can talk about WAG investing issues...

    • Well since the discussion was about flashlights......

    • ""Any device that can create a sustained CURRENT, does not require a capacitor.....the key words being SUSTAINED and CURRENT""
      Depends on what you want to do with the power. If just used for lighting, motors, etc., OK, no cap needed. However, in automotive applications, you would still need a filter cap to eliminate alternator whine such as in an auto's sound system. Of course most auto sound systems will throw a choke coil in series with the load to futher reduce whine.

    • How about an internal generator and a battery, no capacitor? Any device that can create a sustained CURRENT, does not require a capacitor.....the key words being SUSTAINED and CURRENT.

    • ""An example of this would be a flash on a camera. The battery sends a charge to the capacitor. The capacitor stores up the energy then lets the energy fly once a flash is required.""
      Close but no cigar. The camera has an oscilator to generate a changing voltage which can then be stepped up to thousands of volts. It requires thousands of volts to flash a xeon tube used in cameras. The capacitor stores the high voltage until it is discharged across the xeon tube. Listen to your camera as it charges, you can hear the high pitch as it charges.
      "In this case, you do not need a capacitor that does that. It is a flashlight that needs a battery that can recharge itself and then give out its stored energy over time and not in one burst."
      The flashlight has both batteries and a capacitor.

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