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  • yank_mahagoff yank_mahagoff Nov 3, 2006 12:05 AM Flag

    Yank_mahogoff=URA Retard

    There is a low-life loser with a similar alias to mine posting here. He is pond scum and should be dealt with harshly. He is not a stockholder and recently had his membership in the human race revoked.

    My name is Yank and I approve this message!

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    • Yup, you see he got his 15 minutes of embarassment, I mean fame.

    • Drop dead, Joy.

      When me, Basher and up.tobat rule, you will be nothing but a slave. We are everything. You are nothung.

      Get my drift?

      The Aryan Banana

    • Only a total sicko would post a disgusting link like that. Are you some child-sex-offender locked up in solitary with no access to the outside world but your blackberry?

      What a disgrace.

      I see a "boycott" in the future to address woman-haters like you and the other miscreants that apparently support Walgreens.

      If you don't want women's business, why don't you just come out and say it.


    • I see that the board moron, whose name cannot be mentioned, has been busy this morning and last night. He has posted under at least four pseudonyms (including two bananarug knockoffs) and has done so in such a self-righteous, sanctimonious and supercilious manner that he has proved himself to be the ULTIMATE hypocrite. He was mad because someone else posted with an ID similar to his and he thought that would discredit him. Looking at the messages that Up.tobat posted I would think that anyone else posting under a similar ID would enhance his credibility. He seems to be just as popular on other boards as he is on the Wag board!

      He is throwing mud at Wag with anything he can try and find and my warning to responders(who probably hold their nose while replying to him) is that you step on a slippery slope leading to a mud bath when you deal with this person. He goes from rebates to birth control pills to the Moral Majority all in an instantaneous desperate attempt to discredit Wag and any supporters of Wag. He is looking for a button to push and I think most people are probably pushing the �ignore� button on him. I don�t know what purpose in life he serves other than to be a horrible example of humanity but his attempts at humor are pretty lame. �Jokes� about women, �jokes� about burning crosses, �jokes� about surprises for local clinics are all beyond the boundaries of board decorum and are disgusting to most people but are NO BIG DEAL to this clueless person. I think that people are laughing AT him and not WITH him as they click ignore. The only point he has he can pretty much disguise by wearing a hat. The mud he is throwing is sticking to him and missing the rest of the board but it is nevertheless extremely distasteful. If no one responds and in effect ignores him or in actuality ignores him(click, you�re dead) he will be talking into a strong, gale force wind (and thankfully drowned out) with no one to hear his babble.

    • I read the link. So what!

      Anyone knows women are too stupid to decide for themselves. They should stick to sewing and cleaning the bathrooms at home. It's their fault, anyway. If they could just learn to keep their legs together, none of this would be necessary in the first place.

      When me, Basher and to.bat take over, you Liberals will be sorry. We're already stockpiling crosses to burn in your yards and preparing "surprises" for local clinics that don't "get it."

      Skinheads rule!

      The Aryan Banana

    • This will be brief 'cause I'm meeting taiguy over at the Marriott for a massage.

      Why shouldn't Walgreens reserve the right to refuse service to anyone we want. Women? Colored people? Jews? Liberals? Democrats? And why shouldn't Walgreens refuse to sell anything the person behind the counter objects to: cigarettes, alcohol, condoms, magazines of questionable content?

      Don't you recognize the moral imperative we have as America's Pharmacy?

      People appreciate our leadership in this area. Why have to stress over making personal choices when, instead, you can simply come to Walgreens and we'll make all your moral decisions for you.

      I am the banana and I approved this message.

    • Yank,

      As usual, every point you're trying to make is absolutely wrong. It appears you've been brainwashed by the far, far, far extreme liberal left. I will gladly counter each hateful point you're trying to make, after I return from a 4 day trip, as I'm on my way out now. I think we're finally finding out why you hate WAG.

    • Well it looks like the phony, moronic Yank got loose from his strait jacket in the moron ward and managed to post some more drivel that was worse than his normal crapola. Taiguy, you were right on the money in your reply to that retarded jerk. He wants you to get down and roll around in the mud with him but you pointed out his racist, no-class idiotic behavior quite well and quite succinctly. Nice job! It is a shame that amoeba-brained posters like moron Yank clutter up the message boards at all. He can�t figure out why he is so disliked but that is only #3057 on the LOOOOONG list of things moron Yank can�t figure out. I hope all of the good posters like Bananarug, Taiguy, basher.detective, up.tobat, et al keep posting and kicking the fake and moronic Yank�s behind. He is not an asset to this or any message board he is only a partial asset ( actually only first three letters). Remember that I am the good Yank and that it is the other Yank that sucks. Keep up the good fight.

      My name is Yank and I approve this message

    • Couldn't stop laughing ... nearly pissed my pants. Funny as hell.