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  • yank_mahagoff yank_mahagoff Nov 4, 2006 8:59 PM Flag

    Yank_mahogoff=URA Retard

    Well it looks like the phony, moronic Yank got loose from his strait jacket in the moron ward and managed to post some more drivel that was worse than his normal crapola. Taiguy, you were right on the money in your reply to that retarded jerk. He wants you to get down and roll around in the mud with him but you pointed out his racist, no-class idiotic behavior quite well and quite succinctly. Nice job! It is a shame that amoeba-brained posters like moron Yank clutter up the message boards at all. He can�t figure out why he is so disliked but that is only #3057 on the LOOOOONG list of things moron Yank can�t figure out. I hope all of the good posters like Bananarug, Taiguy, basher.detective, up.tobat, et al keep posting and kicking the fake and moronic Yank�s behind. He is not an asset to this or any message board he is only a partial asset ( actually only first three letters). Remember that I am the good Yank and that it is the other Yank that sucks. Keep up the good fight.

    My name is Yank and I approve this message

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