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  • taiguyandcheeky taiguyandcheeky Nov 19, 2006 10:26 PM Flag

    This Is Why Walmart Will Kill Walgreens

    �You really are pathetic.�

    That�s my line, describing you. Please be original.

    �Walgreen's actions are woman-hating.�

    I think everyone agrees this is a stupid ignorant statement.

    �I hold 1,000 shares because I think it is hypcritical to criticize a company in which you have no stake.�

    Let�s summarize Yank�s investment philosophy � �I will hold onto shares that I believe strongly will go down, thereby losing more of my money, just so I can have the right to criticize the company.� - Brilliant Yank, just brilliant.

    I�m afraid your idiocy has been confirmed by your own words.