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  • llnvstr168 llnvstr168 Dec 6, 2006 3:46 PM Flag

    The $4 PR Effect on WAG

    I pay $5 co-pay for filling my prescription at WAG. For the additional $1, I get:
    a) shorter driving (WAG is within 5 miles while WMT is 20 miles away)
    b) convenient hours (they open 24 hours)
    c) less waiting (I can order my prescription over the phone)
    d) easier parking
    e) drive-thru available if I have a baby sleeping in the car

    Having said that, I think both WAG and WMT are great companies.

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    • I agree. When the gas price is high, I no longer drive to Walmart just to save a couple of dollars. (I own WMT stock) Walgrees is good at picking store locations. I like the location of its new store in our city. In San Fracisco, the stores are right at the bus stops. People are using Walgreens like a convenience store to get groceries and supplies after they get off the buses. I bought WAG recently when the seeming "bad news" came out. My brother loves the Walgreens brand of the merchandise. He thinks the Walgreens goods are quality products with good values.