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  • basher.detector basher.detector Dec 6, 2006 2:18 PM Flag

    Yank's Hotdog Stand

    Yank owned a hotdog stand that did a modest business. He sold 100 hotdogs a day for $5.00 each but the competition across the street called CRW�s sold 400 hot dogs a day for $5.00 each. One day Yank had a brilliant idea. He would sell hotdogs for what they cost which was $4.00 and he figured that everyone would come to his hotdog stand to save $1.00 and his sales would go through the roof. So he lowered his price to $4.00 and the first day he sold 101 hotdogs and CRW�s across the street sold only 399 hotdogs. They had looked at him as a poor businessman and an idiot among other things and decided to keep their price at $5.00. One of the things that Yank had failed to consider was that while CRW�s was on the corner he was actually back off of the street down a long alley and not very convenient. The lot in front of his hotdog stand also was dirty and littered with wrappers from the 101 hotdogs per day and at night the lighting in front of his stand was very dim and people were fearful to go there. He also failed to consider that when he sold his hotdogs at cost he didn�t make any money to pay himself or his cook, Kanuts_PQ. Weeks went by and while Yank was still selling 101 hotdogs a day at cost, CRW�s across the street was still selling 399 hotdogs and also making a profit so they could clean up their parking lot as well as pay their help and generate a profit (there was a rumor that CRW�s had actually increased their daily hotdog sales to 440 but Yank didn�t want to believe that as he had still only risen to 101 hotdogs a day). Yank soon went out of business and had to let his faithful cook Kanuts_PQ go back on public assistance and now a broke Yank is thinking of a new and better way to make his fortune. Buy lottery tickets! Yeah, now that�s the ticket! (Any correlation to events in the real business world should be viewed as strictly coincidence as is the proprietor of the hotdog stand being named Yank).

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