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  • russellwj3 russellwj3 Dec 13, 2006 3:27 PM Flag

    Mad WAG clients.

    I�m a long on WAG, so I�m not bashing just curious. I called in a proscription almost a week ago and they had to verify. Sounds normal so far but they only called my doctor�s office one time and left a message. It took almost 1 full week to get the prescription filled, and it was mainly do to my efforts. I called my doctors office 2 times asking them to call WAG. It finally went through and I had to go to the WAG store where they would give me 2-3 days worth of meds. So I�ve been through the drive though 3 times this week and every time I was in line the car in front of me the person look and sounded outraged.

    This was my first time at this specific WAG, and my usual store is very nice, curious, and prompt.

    Does anyone know the inner workings of WAG? Is it their policy to only leave a message once or is it their ownership of harassing Dr. offices that don�t respond? Why the other people were mad I�m not sure, but my own �good� experiences with WAG was one of the reasons I bought in. With this last experience, it has given me pause for thought.

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    • If you can't spell how do we know you are for real !!!!!!!

    • Does any one at wags, know that they are loseing money because they only glosse not matt finish on their photos, plus the new thing in ditgal photos is a d-6 which is a full frame and can be done at wolff store?

    • I currently in pharmacy school and an intern at a Walgreens in Indiana. Every store nationwide is on the same network and the software is the same no matter where you work. When we get a script that can't go through insurance because it needs a prior authorization from the Doctor we input that information into the computer and the system automatically sends the Dr. a fax. At that point it is in the Doctor's hands. In the event that your doctor wrote something wrong, like trying to put refills on C2 controlled narcotic for example, the pharmacist or a tech/intern undoubtedly called and either spoke with a nurse or the Doctor or left a voicemail to verify that the script was not fake. At that point I am willing to bet that it was you doctor who took forever to get back with the pharmacy. After that the ball is in your doctor's court. We've talked to him or one of his subbordinates and it's up to him to get things squared away now. At my store we do 700 perscriptions per day and have 11 people on staff at peak hours. As you can imagine it is awfully hard for us to do call backs on every single screwed up script or Prior Authorization (that's when the insurance refuses to pay until the doctor calls them personaly) that we come by.

      As for everyone in the drive through being angry i work the drive through window often and i can confirm that. Everyone there is always pissed off. The reason is that people don't realize that we're not a fast food joint, we can't just slap a patty on a bun and get it out to you in under 5. It takes a lot more than that to get things ready and to file with insurance and any number of a million different things that can go wrong with the process because either someone in the pharmacy, or more likely, your doctor or the patient themselves made a mistake. (i.e. didn't give us your insurance card when you dropped of the med... this means we have to enter all of the information on your card, which is one of probably a hundered thousand insurance cards that we have to narrow down from in the database, into the computer and re-file with insurance in order to get things squared away so that you can pay a 15 dollar copay rather than 300 bucks for 30 pills.)

      The reason you can only get 2 to 3 days worth of meds is because that is what the law says. People don't realize that there are laws for drug dispencing... lots and lots of laws.

      I hope none of this sounded to pushy or aggrivated i'm just trying to let you know. I'm a 3rd year pharmacy student working for walgreens and i'm long on their stock as well.

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      • Great info Smitty! I do feel for the tech at the drive-through. People do not have patience at all and the anger is not justified. People do not consider thier alternatives or they would be nicer. In my experiance the wait time is good 1-3 cars in line when I show up around rush-hour. Not bad at all.

        aggierik, don't worry about it :)

    • The answer to the specific incidents going on at that location would be speculation at best. However, the solution to your "refill" problem is very simple...take responsibility for your OWN refills. Why on earth would you expect your RPh to be the one to make sure that your scripts have refills. You see the doctor...only you can make appointments, so don't think that responsibility belongs to anyone other than you. Certainly, WAG RPh's fax your MD as a courtesy to you, but after that the matter is in the hands of your MD...skip all the patient-Rph-patient-Rph-patient-md-Rph-patient pass thru...Tell your MD...give me enough refills to last me until my next appointment and avoid all the expected "baby setting" your medication that you want the Rph to do...that is not his/her's yours...RPh's help you out by loaning you meds until the ok's come thru, but it is NOT their job to make sure that you have refills. You are given ample notice of refill status on your bottle each and every time it is filled. Just because you have not read the label, don't think that someone else should be accountable for your lack of concern or because you think that the MD will say yes to the RPh and tell you no because you are not keeping appointments.

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      • Man, I�m just getting bashed here�.

        Look guys,
        I do not work in the drug industry and have very limited experience in this process. I went to a doctor for the first time in almost 7 years around 6 months ago. Laugh at me if you want. Even though I do not like to go to the doctors unless it�s critical, I do see a great demand for it and most people do not feel the way I do about it.

        Anyway, I like WAG because of the fact of its drive-through approach, fundamentals and the huge price drop caught my eye where I established my position. Drive-through service in my mind is going above and beyond to help out your customers and I don�t mind paying a little extra for it. Furthermore, I�ll pay more to have the authorization done as well. I do appreciate the hard work that goes into running a pharmacy and WAG faxes/calls at all for authorization is great. Going into this I was not aware if it was something I should expect or not. Granted I do know now it�s something I should not expect and frankly if I go to any other pharmacy it will be the same or worse.

        Maybe this is something that WAG could differ from other pharmacies. I�m a customer and I don�t mind paying for extra service if it is worthwhile (like a drive-through service). I know I�m thinking with no constraints and it�s easy for me to do so because I don�t know the details of this industry that well.

        I have learned much about WAG and this industry being a newer investor to WAG and some of you on this board have taught me quite a bit about the details of things which I appreciate and I do not mean offend anyone.

    • Russell,
      this is a complaint that I heard from many customers when I worked at WAG. The problem is not the pharmacy's to resolve. As other posters mentioned, WAG is too busy to contact every single doctor's office about an issue that is between you/doctor/insurance co. Despite the common sense behind this, customers never fail to blame WAG for their incompetence. Let's make this clear: it is NOT WAG's FAULT if you:
      1. refilled too soon
      2. insurance won't pay for your RX
      3. insurance requires prior auth.
      4. your doctor's handwriting is chicken scratch
      5. the meds. your doc prescribes is incorrect/DNE
      6. you don't pick up your medicine on time & WAG must, according to law, reshelve and redispense it.
      7. you have no insurance and your meds. are expensive; the RX is one of the lower-margin depts. @ WAG, so noooo they're not taking all your money

      but I guess its usually easier to blame some teenage RX tech behind the counter than it is to take personal responsibility. *shrugs*

    • You called in a refill request on a prescription which was not refillable. Under these condition Walgreen pharmacists will normally fax or call the Dr and then repeat the effort in a couple of days if no response. Some doctors don't want to hear from the pharmacist, and why should they? Do you really think the Dr. writes a prescription with a limited number of refills because he would like to talk to your pharmacist when refills are exhausted? In most cases the Dr expects you to make another office visit for follow up consultation before prescribing again. Walgreens and most pharmacies cater to their patients and make the call so as not to lose a valued customer, but in my opinion it is ethically inappropriate for the pharmacy to solicit prescription refills from the Dr. unless there are extenuating circumstances (you saw the Dr last week and he forgot to write new rx, etc.).

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      • In my experience, it is up to the coctor's office to contact the pharmacy. And it is MY job to check with the pharmacy to make sure they received the script order. The only time my pharmacy has called the doctor is if they cannot read a written script. We (not the pharmacy) have to take some responsibility for our health. I would have been pretty upset if MY doctor's office had not called the pharmacy. Also, I belong to Express Scripts with my insurance. I do not get additional meds from my pharmacy if I run out before the meds arrive in the mail. My doctor will give me a few days supply and I have to pick them up myself. Some people are just spoiled and blame the pharmacy...grow up!

      • Cool, thanks for the info. As I said, I'm really only looking to understand the process.

        And no, I don't make investment decisions based on my personal experiance with a company but it is a small factor.

    • It's not Walgreens policy to harass MDs.

    • So why do you think it is wags job to do your job? If your rx required a prior auth for instance, it is between YOUR insurance company and YOUR doctor. NOT walgreens! I am sure if you ponied up cash you could have been served in 2 to 3 minutes. You have been spoon fed a service provided by wag (calling your doc) that you think you are owed it. they already "gave" you 3 days of meds a couple times.. Do you know that is against the law? to dispense without auth? Is there any thanks for the pharmacist risking his livelyhood to get you some meds because your doctor don't care about you? you can have my handle in the future.

    • if you had to call the MD twice and wag called once ... where do you think the problem is ... get a new MD, don't blame everone else

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