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  • basher.detector basher.detector Dec 30, 2006 9:32 PM Flag

    Yank's Hot Dog Stand....UPDATE!

    When last heard from, Yank was selling hot dogs for $4.00 to try and increase his hot dog business. He, of course, made NO money since he paid $4.00/ hot dog, but he thought that more foot traffic, meant success. He didn�t have enough money to pay his halfwit cook, Kanuts_PQ, so he had to let her go back on Canadian public assistance, and he was generally losing money hand over fist. His initial small increase in business had dropped off when people discovered that the �as advertised� foot long hot dogs were actually only 8 inches in length. What really put him out of business was the FDA. They discovered that Yank had ALSO advertised his hot dogs as �made in the USA� beef hot dogs, but they were actually CHINESE imported hot dogs made out of who knows what!! Yes, hard as it may seem, Yank was a liar! He is now trying to obtain financing for his next great endeavor, which is �investing� in lottery tickets. He will probably make money sooner with that scheme, than buying Wal-Mart stock. He was trying to sell his autobiography, but he kept changing the story so many times and claiming he was misquoted that the publisher finally gave up. They had a great title though, �Diary of a Loser�!

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    • Up.tobat,
      Good post! Yank is using the word "pioneer" like he does with most other words. He has NO idea what it means! WalMart is still stand-alone with NO capability to transfer prescriptions from one WalMart to another. They prefer to call it "customer-aerobics", since you have to travel back to the one you originally had your scrip filled in, to have it re-filled. This doesn't happen very many times because most WalMart customers don't go on trips, where they would forget their medicine, and one time in their Wmt pharmacy is enough to convince them NEVER to return. Just go to the nearest Wag and have the Wag pharmacist call Wmt for a copy.

    • He thinks he HAS a sharp mind! His head comes to a point!

    • Just like I thought, a gutless worm and a liar. You're so easy to expose. Your in-laws would help you best by canceling your welfare. It might sharpen your mind a bit.

    • Yanker:

      You typically didn't answer the man.

    • Yanker:

      Once again you are wrong. Pioneer means the first right? Not 7-8 years after the first.

      " 1981
      The first Intercom computers were installed in five Walgreen pharmacies in Des Moines, Iowa. This was the initial step toward making Walgreens the first drugstore chain to connect all its pharmacy departments via satellite. "



      Wal-Mart launches world's largest private satellite communication system
      Discount Store News, Feb 1, 1988 by Arthur Markowitz



      Rx's have long been transferable between Walgreen pharmacies. Thus the reason for using satellites, not for some corporate playtoy for showing showtime and the movie channel, but to make the business stronger and more efficient, and doing business easier for the customer.

      What good is it to have satellites connecting pharmacies if they can't share or transfer data and records?

      YOU just admitted that Walgreen is way out front in this respect as well.

      Thanks. You are a big help as usual.

    • Still no answer? Anyone with an ounce of credibility, who makes such a bold assertion, will follow it up with facts, data and some sort of rational analysis. It�s all about credibility. Your evasions are quite lame and cowardly. Where is your analysis of this technology and how it will, in your own words, �render Walgreens a dinosaur?� Idiot, you have nothing!

      Let me give you a small example of the power of Walgreens market leading technology (digital imaging/workload balancing/VISION technology): Recently there was a large multi-county power outage in my district. Over 1 million homes lost power for up to 10 days, along with most pharmacies. My Walgreens, which had power, SEAMLESSLY filled ALL prescriptions for 3 surrounding Walgreens that were closed. Our volume nearly tripled over a 2 day period. While our competitors lost the majority of their Rx sales, Walgreens lost very little if any. While our competitors operate as isolated islands, all Walgreens pharmacies are completely integrated, constantly and seamlessly shifting resources where needed. The biggest positive of all: the gratitude, good-will and amazement from our patients and from the many patients we stole from competitors. None have this capability, yet it is already old technology to us. Day to day, our efficiency is unmatched. The benefits are simply more apparent during disasters.

      Now, do you see how my claims of Walgreens superior technology is followed by a description, example and analysis? So I ask you AGAIN! Describe and explain how this new technology from big box retailers will, in your own words, �render Walgreens a dinosaur.� Where is your analysis? You�re the one who called me out on the issue. Your response will indicate whether you�re man enough to own up to your own words, or if you�ll continue to hide and evade like a gutless worm.

    • <Every lie takes a dozen additional lies to cover it up. The cycle continues until the liar, in his utter confusion, contradicts his earlier lies thus exposing his weasel-like dishonesty. You are embarrassing yourself.>
      Someone once said "Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive".
      I think it is very applicable here with little Neggy-Yank!

    • Yank,

      1. If you want to see the village idiot, look in the mirror.
      2. I am not the original poster of that comment concerning your mother's grave.
      3. When I said you never defended your mother, you responded with a disgusting remark that I will not repeat here, but told of what she (an 81 yr. old woman) would do to me. I could never ever imagine coming up with a remark like that concerning my departed mother, whether she were still living or not. That indicates your disturbed and twisted mind, as well as very POOR character.
      4. Blaming me for indicating that you never defended her is putting blame where it is not due. The blame is squarely and irretrievably on you for the remark you made concerning your OWN mother. Not on me, or crankyyank, or anyone else. For once in your life stop blaming others for your own shortcomings and failures. Apparently you never learned anything concerning responibility and respect. You should take a deep inventory of your belief system because it appears that you have none. Make the needed corrections and live a better life. You have a higher power to account to. This board and everyone on it has no meaning when it comes to the big picture of what life is all about. Get the big picture before it is too late.
      4. If you know that crankyyank made the remark, why did you not confront him about it? That is the problem with you. You can never correctly connect the dots. A lttile reminder to you from elementary geometry: Two dots are most efficiently connected by use of a straight line. Use a ruler or other straight edge if you have to.
      5. Technically, if there is no one buried in a plot, then it is not yet a grave is it. Your mother lives, God bless her.
      6. I actually feel poorly for your mother for her having to put up with the likes of you. She must be greatly embarassed when you come around. Just remember she cannot be blamed for your failures. She didn't fail you. You failed yourself.

    • Up.tobat,

      The quote you sighted from yank is not only disgusting and foul, but quite disturbing. He is a verifiable moron, liar and ingrate. Now we see the true depth and ugliness of his psychological issues. That quote is really sick. Why would anyone include their own mother is such a disgusting scenario? Ughh

    • taiguyandcheeky:

      This idiot is so stupid that he is TOTALLY UNembarassable to himself. Any normal person would be so embarassed by now that they would not show their face around here again under any name. Not this fool.

      This is the same YANK_MAHOGOFF who told me his mother would do nasty and disgusting things to me after I told him he never stood up for his mother. That's all I said. I never actually said anything about his mother other than she must be totally embarassed to have him as her son. I said that long ago. He recently went nuts in such a way that you would have thought I said something ungentlemanly about his mother, which I NEVER DID. And he degrades his mother himself by telling me of the digusting things she would do to me. Not he himself, mind you, but his mother. WHAT A FINE MAN YOU ARE, YANK. You are NO man. You are not even of the human race. So don't feel that you have ANY right to lecture or instruct me. You are a liar (a terrible one at that), and I have no respect whatsoever for your type. I never will.

      I dare you to show up at the shareholders meeting and spout what you spout here at that event. If you are the man you say you are, you will be there and do this. But we know YOU ARE NO MAN.

      Re: Quoting Yank:
      >As for your incredibly low and cheap shot regarding my mother... my mom is 81 years old, in poor health but sharp of mind, and would gladly urinate in your mouth for your most foul and obscene aspersions.


      YANK: QUOTE ME AND REFERENCE WHERE I SAID ANYTHING like "most foul and obscene aspersions" that you claim I did. You WILL NOT FIND it, because I NEVER SAID IT OR WROTE IT. PERIOD. It's ALL IN YOUR peabrain. I submit that it is YOU who is MOST foul of anyone ever witnessed on this board.
      I call you out, and I CAST YOU OUT. Be gone.

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