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  • Kanuk_PQ Kanuk_PQ Jan 5, 2007 9:55 AM Flag

    Yank who told you?

    you finaly discovered the truth about my id yes I'm banarug and have a couple other id's , like up_tobat and basher detect.. as you can see I never realy believed in wag and still don't just look at the 5 years return WMT is a better value and it's going to $100. within a few months.
    You're a great Guy we can't hide nothing from you.
    Have a Great Year with WMT.

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    • I had no choice and had to admit my multiple id's because you secretly knew, you probably got this from Sammy The Bull Gravano what a big mouth he is, some even call him ''rat''
      New year is starting and will bring $$$$$ to WMT investors this being said I will have to multiple my interventions on this board in order to educate the morons on this board on how to invest their $$$$ and to not fall in wag trap again.