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  • yank_mahogoff yank_mahogoff Jan 23, 2007 9:29 PM Flag

    Walgreed vs. Walmart


    Walgreed needs to get off its fat ass and match Walmart's $4 generic program before the barn door closes.

    The window is short!

    Wait another quarter or two and the WAG share price will be below $40, headed farther south.

    Write a letter, shareholders. Do it, today. Wait a month and CVS will overrun your ass! And, maybe, even sad little RAD who at least has the gonads to DO SOMETHING will do the same.

    Anyone in management awake? Anyone in management cognitive enough to note that Walgreens share price is down the CRAPPER?

    The S/P has been in the PITS for FIVE years. Not a week. Not a month. Not a year. FIVE YEARS! That's enough time to be patient.

    All you pumpers, WAKE UP! You can see this puke of a stock go to $30 with one whiff of bad news.

    You have been warned!


    This topic is deleted.
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    • Basher,

      It seems clear enough to me. The moron was going on and on about how he caught you on the Wmt board posting as hag-off. Apparently, reading comprehension is not one of Neggyanktard�s strong points. I have no idea how he got himself so confused except that well, he�s an idiot! �The board pumptard for Wmt" � LOL!

    • Taiguy,
      If I'm not mistaken, you have just joined the ranks of the alleged IGNORED posters. I am assuming Neggyanktard is talking to you, because I am already on ignore and if you ignore someone who is already on ignore, isn't that like being taken off of ignore? Kanuts can explain double negatives much better than I can. LOL!!!

    • Taiguy,
      This is the message that Neggyanktard is talking about. It was posted on the Wag board(by me) as a response to a piece that Nickles had taken off of the WalMart message board. The "board pumptard for Wmt" that I mention is Neggyanktard. You understand English perfectly, so it shouldn't come as a surprise to you, that Neggyanktard is WRONG AGAIN! I was on the Wag board, talking about how rough they are on the WalMart board, to Wmt pumpers like Neggyanktard. LOL! He's an IDIOT!

    • You put him on ignore and now you want the rest of us to repost his messages? Take a hike idiot! You couldn�t take his daily beatings? You were so traumatized that you had to hide from him? I thought you were tougher than that. Oh well � to borrow a line from you, �I was wrong, so what!�

      Just know that he clearly exposed you again. And he�s been informing the rest of us about your disturbing proclivities. I hope it�s not true.

    • �Walgreed needs to get off its fat ass and match Walmart's $4 generic program before the barn door closes.�

      Yank is giving advice to Walgreens management again � recall that his previous advice was to fill less generics � LMAO

      Why did Costco stop selling those old cheap generics for $4? Focus like a laser-beam. It�s time to exercise that pea-brain. Actually there�s not much thinking involved (a relief for you), as Costco was upfront with the reason � THEY WERE LOSING MONEY MORON!

      Any more brilliant advice? Anything else Walgreens should copy from Wal-Mart? Maybe Walgreens should introduce �high-end� fashion, implement disruptive employee scheduling, hire illegals, steadily erode their brand and become an embarrassment to its customers and employees.