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  • basher.detector basher.detector Mar 22, 2007 3:29 PM Flag

    FYNT whines, Why Me?

    Filthyankneggytard wonders why everyone here is so against him. Here are a few good reasons: He posts continually negative items and without any basis (also referred to as lies), about the Walgreen company, on the Wag board. He posts continually positive and without basis, predictions about the WalMart company, also on the Wag board. He posts sophomoric political views (anti-administration/Bush) on a FINANCIAL message board, not just the Wag board, but he trolls OTHER message boards TOO, posting drivel and trying to get someone to argue with. His attempts at "humor" are so lame, tacky, base and disgusting that it is almost incomprehensible that someone would post and then ever return to the same message board! He has been IN DENIAL about the continual success of the Walgreen company FOR YEARS and has always posted unsubstantiated garbage (also referred to as lies), and NOW he wonders why there are so many anti-Yank IDs on this board! He obviously needs to buy a variety of CLUES about financial success, why he is such a negative jerk and a totally repulsive influence and also about life in general! His lack of appeal doesn't just come from him being a basher, but it comes from being the overall degenerate, as a human being, that comes through in all of his posts! He gets flushed by Yahoo about as many times as a urinal at Fenway Park does between innings, and he still is so dense that he keeps coming back with the same odious demeanor to try his luck again! Glug,glug,glug FYNT!!! You have chosen your path on the very muddy, low road, so don't complain about the rough ride!

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    • Remember a few days ago I said that no one had to bash FYNT because if you just read his posts he does it to himself? Read the latest example of his "humor" about Hillary and Bananarug's "better half" and you will agree that I HAD THAT ONE RIGHT! What a disgusting, idiotic moron! Taiguy said it best, "while we�re sitting confidently on the stock of one of the best companies in history at a time when the share price is ready to take off. Make money, retire early, laugh at FYNT � life is good! LOL! LOL! LOL!" I totally agree!

    • Educated,

      His biography, �Memoirs of a Degenerate Loser� was released early this year. I bought a dozen copies since its retail price was below that of toilet paper. Laughing at FYNT is a perk for all successful long term WAG investors. He still doesn�t understand that he�s just entertainment for the board, that he is the punch-line over and over again. It takes just a few pokes and he�ll start spewing his idiocy for all of us to mock and laugh at, while we�re sitting confidently on the stock of one of the best companies in history at a time when the share price is ready to take off. Make money, retire early, laugh at FYNT � life is good! LOL! LOL! LOL!

    • Bananarug,

      You are right on about FYNT, the chicken-little, chicken-hawk, chicken-sh*t. I wouldn�t be surprised if under his fat-layered, beastly, rotund one-pack are two skinny chicken-legs. He is definitely the weaselly coward type, bravely preaching from the safety of his publicly paid for basement apartment.

    • Taiguyandcheeky,
      What you have done is written the biography of Yank or FYNT as you refer to IT as! When I wasn't laughing, I was saying "this is all so true"!
      Great post! Keep them coming.

    • Another typical FYNT post, slopping around where he feels most at home � in the mud. His most recent post confirms, yet again, his character: a dumb, angry, vile, depraved, perverted loser.

      He hates Walgreens. Why? Because he committed the classic rookie investor mistake - buy high, sell low. I suppose �buy� is not the appropriate term as he was gifted (via daddy-in-law welfare) shares of an outstanding company and squandered it away by panicking and selling at one of the lowest share price points (~$39). He has disappointed himself and no doubt, daddy-in-law. His regret and self-hate now manifests as a hatred of the company and all successful long term investors. That is his character, to drag successful people down to his pathetic level.

      We have tried in vain to educate the moron, but have now resigned to the fact that we and our kids will be paying the welfare for his fat, lazy incompetent ass and that of his unfortunate spawn. And instead of being grateful, he will bitch, whine and moan. That is his character. That is his victim-mentality. His failures are always someone else�s fault. And that is precisely why he will forever be a LOSER! LOL!

    • Squeaky yank, the puny, powerless little prick,
      Don't you get tired of being bitch-slapped off of the message board, time after time? Since you are NOT a veteran I am sure you are rushing down to the recruiting station to do the right thing like the rest of us did. No? You sound like another case of a pipsqueak with a big mouth, but no onions in the sack! You call Teamsters losers now too! Wow, we are brave sitting down in mommy's basement, aren't we? Why don't you just stick to single starring posts and not posting your BS at all? It would save us the trouble of trying to avoid reading your ignorant, misinformed rantings! I hear you complained about Bananarug? Just because he kicked your ass? What a crybaby!

    • How's mom doing?