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  • taiguyandcheeky taiguyandcheeky Apr 16, 2007 11:40 PM Flag

    Don Imus Joins WAG Board

    Kittyanktard a racist, CONFIRMED! A hypocrite, CONFIRMED! A degenerate moron, CONFIRMED. A hopeless loser, CONFIRMED (thanks mommayank & uncle.skeeter). Multiple IDs, CONFIRMED (despite numerous denials). Yesterday I accused him of obsessively posting with a dozen IDs and what does he do? Angry and confused, he mistakenly replies under several aliases. Good God, is he that dumb?

    He can�t forgive himself for panicking and dumping the best stock in his now worthless portfolio. Coincidentally I picked up some shares when Wag dropped to $39. I think I stole FYNT�s shares. Was it wrong of me to take advantage of a retard? Honestly, I did not know I was stealing shares on the cheap from a retard.

    FYNT, a bankrupted and sexually confused moron. Kitty kitty kitty. LOL!