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  • rgsam54 rgsam54 Apr 23, 2007 9:28 AM Flag

    Anyone think a stock split may be coming?

    Regarding your message. After the last split Walgreen outstanding shares where about 1 billion and only had authorization to issue about 1.2 billion shares of stock to issue, which also would include stock options. Any company must get approval with the SEC to increase the amount of shares a company can issue. Which they did. They got approval to increase the amount of share to 3 billion. Now Walgreens is in position to declare a split when the board so decrees. I have been a stock holder with this company for about 22 years. They have followed this procedure to increase the amount of shares to issue in each of their splits. This happened before 9/11. Now they are position for a split.

    On Walgreens 99th aniversary Walgreens extended options to every employee. Which was first for company. Even the lonely cashiers had this perk.

    On the 100th Aniversary. My source is one of my Ex-students who is an executive. Walgreens Was suppose to issue a split on its 100th aniversary. but then 9/11 hit and that washed away any hope of that plan

    Your welcome