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  • educated.basher educated.basher Jul 23, 2007 2:20 PM Flag

    Let's All CHEER the Efforts of our WAG Employee

    I am a Walgreens employee and I do post here occasionally, only as educated.basher, and I did receive a 10% discount to purchase Walgreen stock. So what? Every company that I interviewed with, before I was hired by Walgreens, offered a discount on employee-purchased stock. I am talking WalMart, Target, CVS and other companies not quite as large as those. If I were to worry about stockholders of other companies, that I might be interested in investing in, owning stock they purchased at an employee discount, I would be a nimrod like Yank! There are many employees who work for Walgreens, that have not taken advantage of this great benefit, of 10% off of the purchase price of Wag stock, so I wouldn't worry about an employee discount being a big factor. This issue is about as important as any of the other pretend non-issues that our boy Yank is pushing. ROTFLMAO at Yank and his buffoonery!