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  • wag_bag_holder wag_bag_holder Jan 1, 2008 1:18 PM Flag

    Let's tally up WAGs performance for 2007

    It opened at $45.89 on January 3, 2007

    It closed in AH at $37.91 on January 31, 2007

    WAG loses 17.3% of it's value.

    Nice showing WAG BAG HOLDERS.

    I wonder how WAG will do in 2008. Those SSS should be hard to beat with the increased numbers this year. Yet with good sales, this hairy POS still loses almost one-fifth of its value this year. I wonder why...let's guess.

    1. WMT ate WAG's lunch with $4 Rx
    2. WAG's commercials were ineffective and people left
    3. Not enough new retarded WAG BAG HOLDERS to hold the stock up.

    I say its all three, with an emphasis on the third reason.

    Looks like we have a winner here.

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    • "1. Wag ate Wmt's lunch with $4 Rx. Wmt losing money hand over fist and can't even keep there pharmacies open over lunch!
      2. WAG's commercials were very effective and people came in droves as seen in the SSS increases!
      3. Not enough new retarded WAG BAG HOLDERS to hold the stock up. Wag_bag_holder is the ONLY retarded one here at the moment since yank/eliminate gone for the moment! Long term view is bright!

      "Looks like we have a winner here."


    • Duh, Look at all the institutional investors piling in...duh

      What a shirt head

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      • Wow,
        I haven't posted or even read this message board for about six months and what do you know? It's my old friend, Lunkhead Award winner emeritus, Wag_bag_holder! Still posting crap that only lunkheads would believe and now seemingly morphing into even MORE aliases! I can tell which ones are you, because they are mostly the ones that are starred so many times! Does everyone know that you are really Yank_myhogoff? Even though I have given you so many Lunkhead Awards for all of your weak efforts you are still deserving of another due to your unyielding efforts to spend every waking moment posting on Yahoo! I post on Wells Fargo occasionally since I own shares there as of late, but I have found better use of my time than to constantly post here like YOU! ADIOS!