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  • cmxsux cmxsux Jan 16, 2008 7:51 PM Flag

    ANSWERS on Big Box $4 Generic Program


    Seems every time I post about the Big Box Boys $4 generic program some chain rph will jump in and say something to the effect of "they do not contain any meds that people use anymore." First it was snert32 on CVS, then eliminate on WAG and now again play-in-it here at CVS. This begs the ? are they just stating that info out of ignorance or are they giving a quasi corporate response. Since it is rather cool here in San Antonio now and the fish are not biting I decided to do some research. I took out my trusty HEB Generic Program flyer ( google HEB GENERICS) then googled DRUG TOPICS to compare it against the TOP 200 DRUGS DISPENSED in the US. I would like to share the results with you since it supports a previous post I made on the generic utilization of CMX to eliminate AND the truth about the BB Generic Program :

    Note: Generic programs such as these do not carry controlled substances as part of the formulary for qty issues ( what qty will be a 30 day supply, do you prorate etc). 19 of the top 200 drugs fit into this category. Here we go.......

    84 (42%) are brands with no generic alternatives AND

    Out of the TOP 20 DRUGS: 8 are generics, HEB carries 6 of them & 2 are controlled substances.
    Out of the TOP 100 DRUGS: 50 are generics HEB carries 30 of them & 11 are controlled substances.
    Out of the TOP 200 DRUGS: 116 are generics HEB carries 79 of them and there are 19 controlled substances.

    Now lets break out the controlled substances b/c unless you are a nervous wreck sucking down a benzo's and a hydrocodone or 2 they give some good figures.

    out of the TOP 20 DRUGS: 6 are generic and HEB carries 6
    out of the TOP 100 DRUGS 39 are generic and HEB carries 30
    out of the top 200 drugs 97 are generic and HEB carries 79 of them or 81.4% of the non controlled generics (maintenance generic meds)

    So now Snert32 and play-in-it on CVS and eliminate on WAG, care to submit a rebuttal. I hope this clears up any confusion about the BIG BOX BOYS $4 dollar generic program.

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    • <I just want to know who the loser out there that actually wastes their time starring.>

      I'm almost certain it's yank. He used to post really late at night and within 5 minutes, there'd by 15 5-star ratings on his post. It happened every night for several weeks straight and was so laughably obvious. He stopped and varied things up after I called him on it. Looks like he's back at it, but with a few less IDs after the recent flushings. It's really pathetic behavior.

    • I forgot to mention weasily, whiny, frequently flushed perv. That's all for now.

    • Bananarug sez:
      "I have never met, either here on a message board or in real life a bigger hypocrite than you"

      Taiguy adds:
      "Ditto, and add moron, jackass and welfare queen to the list."

      AMEN to both sentiments!

    • <I have never met, either here on a message board or in real life a bigger hypocrite than you.>

      Ditto, and add moron, jackass and welfare queen to the list.

    • yank.wags_chain yank.wags_chain Jan 22, 2008 12:04 PM Flag

      Dude, there is nothing humorous about this thread or your remarks. You posted an adolescent math problem, inferring another poster was too stupid to solve it. The stupidity was your posing of "the problem" that most any child with 5th Grade developmental skills could obviously solve.

      Tou got called out for it. You deserved it. Get over it.

      Like it or not, CMXSUX posts more content in one of his messages than in all of yours, combined. And that observation comes from someone who does not always agree with him.

      Grow up, dude, you are wasting everyone's time with childish nonsense.


    • Well, the whole point (I'm trying to explain this for Yank), was that cmxsux seemed to be super confused about which way he was supposed to go with his numbers. I was just waiting for another reply to see him screw it up again! Too funny!

    • Actually, the show was "Are you smarter than Yank", but it got cancelled because it was too damn easy.

    • yank.wags_chain yank.wags_chain Jan 21, 2008 10:53 AM Flag

      Math teaser? Dude, the room was $25. Add the $2 the clerk stole. Thats $27. Do yourself a favor and avoid watching "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader" because you would surely feel minimalized if you think this problem is Mensa level.

      Hope you are better at reading a store P&L. Or counting pills.


    • Bananarug, do you think he can do this math teaser?

      Three guys walk into a hotel to split a room together. The clerk at the front desk tells them it's $30. Each of them forks over $10 and goes to the room. The clerk then remembers that the room was only $25 dollars instead of $30, so he gives $5 to an assistant and tells him to go give them their money back. On the way to the room, the assistant thinks to himself that he can't split $5 three different ways. So he gives each man $1 each and puts the other $2 in his pocket. So each man only paid $9 for the room instead of $10. $9 x 3 = $27 and the assistant kept $2, SO WHAT HAPPENED TO THE OTHER DOLLAR?

    • What happened to Revco is what will more than likely happen to Rite Aid, before it ever happens to Walgreen.

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