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  • basher.detector basher.detector Jan 29, 2008 12:00 AM Flag

    citigroup downgrading wag

    "Yank, you mean those same attorneys that white washed your ass recently for comments made on this board by you?"

    He is considers each week a success when he and all of his vapid posts don't get flushed! LOL! NEVER has so much been written by someone of so LITTLE worth, both net and as a human being, under so many IDs, about something he doesn't even UNDERSTAND and has NO SKIN (money) invested, to so little end and consequence, fueled ONLY by HATRED and ENVY of something he doesn't possess and NEVER WILL! That something is wealth, success and class! He is a VERY minor annoyance, like a pesky fly at a picnic, that eventually gets swatted and disposed of and the party goes on without any consequence, except to the now deceased fly (Board Moron)! This, of course, is JMHO! LOL!

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