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  • yank.wags_chain yank.wags_chain Feb 12, 2008 9:52 AM Flag

    USA Today Skewers Walgreens

    Another sad incident in a litany of uncontrolled dispensing errors. Not very flattering to CVS, either.

    Pharmacist bonuses paid for higher scripts-filled metrics... creating a speed vs. safety climate.

    What a disgrace!


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    • Please. No. No dog deserves his abuse.

    • "regular posters like elim that had tons of fodder from which to comment on his usual side."

      We're NOT INTERESTED in his stupid comments or yours!

      "This board has sunk so low into degenerative attacks on "the other side" that it has abandoned both civility and relevency"

      As long as you're here there NEVER will be any!

      "Get it together or this board will perish"

      We'll be FINE, YOU will perish! You sit here like a rotten cabbage and try and stink up the board and then complain when someone hands your garbage back to you! Blow it out your ass!

      Bananarug4 said it best,
      "How do you take ANYTHING that this guy says at face value?

      A liar through and through."


    • To list all of Ivan's ID's WOULD WASTE ENTIRELY TOO MANY PIXELS. I'll leave tht kind of nonsense to "Bozo" the WAG boardmaster, and his many minions of options sold, option wannabe's and $60K Corvette car payments within the Deerfield cognoscenti.

      USA Today has been conducting a vivisection of the retail pharmacy chain business, highlighting Walgreens... but not ignoring CVS, either.

      The dilemma seems to move more in the direction of a social versus purely investment question. Do you, as a consumer, want to trust your family's medicine source to a retail entity that seems to harm so many customers... and seems to address most publicized issues with "no comment" or "confidential settlement" or claims that the patient somehow was to blame?

      Up to you, there, dude. I already made my choice!



    • A reprise of the prior day's sentiment with an updated story, this time with fatal consequences.

      Do you think this is the last salvo in this expose of Walgreens? I don't.

      The juicy part is, IMHO, yet to come. In fact, it has already happened. It just needs some reporting prowess to reveal WAG's inner weakness.

      There was a spirited and HUGE dialog I led on this board, captioned "Murder at the Walgreens" which was deleted by Yahoo after the usual "bleating" by WAG pumper/lambs about Terms-of-Service abuse... "Oh, the poor pharmacist that lost her license"... "oh, the lack of respect for the victim"... so... I will not comment further on the widely reported episode.

      But it happened. And, as others report on it, even the Ivan's and basher's and banana's of this sorry WAG board can't censor all of you from hearing the truth.


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      • Okay, so Yahoo censors say I can't say "Murder at the Walgreens." I'll buy that.

        How about "Negligible Homicide at the Walgreens." Or, alternatively, how about "Play Russian Roulette at Walgreens Prescription Counter."

        Is that more "politically correct?"

        I mean, dead customers are, in fact, dead customers. Or do companies that kill... I mean delete their clients... have no accountability for their actions except in hushed settlements that fail to warn other customers of the risks?

        There is an issue here, dudes. USA Today is hinting at it in very precise terminology. With facts. Case histories. Excepts from testimony.

        Then there are the one-star WAG pharma-protectors... attempting to preserve their employee-discounted wealth by discrediting, bashing and obscuring dissenting views from being considered by potential investors.

        There is a reason why the "Ivans" of Walgreens want to obscure or hide dissent from outside investors. I know why. USA Today knows why. Do you? If not, you SHOULD before you invest or hold, here!



      • yank.wags_chain yank.wags_chain Feb 13, 2008 10:47 AM Flag

        Techs vs. pharmacists. Who really fills your prescription? Hey, guess what, it's not the labcoat guy with Corvette keys jangling in his pocket. Imagine that!

        And the 2006 testimony cited from a Walgrrens executuve in 2006 is absolutely priceless. It confirms a point I have been making for months... there are not enough pharmacists, that problem will persist and, thus, WAG's store expansion strategy is basically unfulfillable.

        Look's like elim's "scriptburger" analogy has been pretty much spot-on, all along.



      • WAG won't have another surprise. "We will control expenses" to drive efficiencies and make the shareholder profit numbers.

        There are two schools of thought here.

        #1. Cut payroll. We will live with the dispensing errors.

        #2. Don't cut payroll. We will hope investors don't call us out before our options expire.

        Welcome to Deerfield, there, pilgrims!


    • The challenge is not the number of staff, but rather the quality of staff and proper training. One great tech is better the two average techs, which is better than four bottom of the barrel techs. Pharmacy is a complicated field, with tens of thousands of drugs, unique indications and directions, thousands of insurance plans, and a myriad of patients with different needs and competency.

      As long as you have average to above-average help, the hours allotted by Walgreens are adequate. If you have great help, then the day is a cakewalk. Combine intelligence, common sense, initiative and people skills and you get a great senior tech. The challenge is having the patience to hire promising people and then train them well. Not everyone can handle the demands of community pharmacy (e.g. Eliminate). Ask any RPh and they'll tell you that most stressful days are not because of lack of help, but lack of GOOD help, forcing you to run around and do everything yourself. Walgreens, at least in districts in my area, is building a great internal school/training program to turn out good techs.

      Those who complain endlessly about lack of help will never be satisfied. Walk into any large govt run hospital outpatient pharmacy and you'll see way too much staff and yet the wait is still 2 hours, sometimes 2 days! Walgreens is a healthcare provider, but also a public company responsible to shareholders. Staffing should never compromise safety, but employees must use their training and the available tools to work hard AND smart. It's a balance and there is always flexibility within each store to make sure things run smoothly and patients are taken care of in an efficient and safe manner. The USA Today article is just another hatchet job that happens from time to time, and we're usually the target because with the biggest.

    • Congratulations yank.

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