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  • yank.wags_chain yank.wags_chain Feb 17, 2008 9:25 AM Flag

    Fixing a Broken RX System

    USA Today recently reported a 1 in 1000 likelihood of receiving a misfilled prescription at a retail pharmacy. When you consider a typical American family gets 50 t0 100 prescriptions filled per year, the odds increase dramatically that you or a member of your family will be so affected.

    These are not acceptable risks!

    If the majority of pharmacy tasks are going to be performed by apparently largely untrained, low-paid hourly workers... why not require TWO pharmacists to check their work before the customer is given the medicine. "Check/double-check" is a frequently employed mission critical standard in defense/military/aerospace situations.

    Instead of a retail pharmacy on every corner, why not a retail pharmacy on every other corner so two RPH's assure the prescription has been filled properly? The misfill risk must be mitigated or the unfortunate deaths and serious injuries will only continue and, likely, get much worse as the RPH talent pool stretches thinner and thinner to staff all those small, new retail pharmacy boxes.


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    • <Yank if you had a job you would realize this….>

      LOL! I think cmxsux has identified the source behind BM's ignorance on all financial matters. Cmxsux, you are attempting to educate and reason with the moron. Trust me, it's a futile endeavor. Better to just mock him, slap him around and treat him like a minor annoyance (like a pimple on your ass).

    • Basher,

      Can you believe BM's daily Jihad against Walgreens all started from a lost douche rebate (likely due to his own incompetence at filling out the form). Talk about a loser wasting his life away preaching garbage that no one cares about. He's the Cindy Sheehan of this message board.

    • "What a sick, sorry and disgusting investment choice for L-O-S-E-R-S"

      How about the loser that bashes Walgreens 24/7 and doesn't even own a share and CLAIMS never to have worked for the company! Say just what DID they FIRE you for?

      Bananarug mentioned earlier that "Jealousy is an emotion that stems from one person lacking what another person has earned". He is right on and I can only imagine how jealous BM was about Bananarug enjoying a warm vacation in the tropics while he sat on his fat butt posting from his mom's basement!
      I just returned from a enjoyable evening at Morton's Steakhouse (I don't go to the Capitol Grille anymore since Darden bought it, I can't stand the thought of the mediocrity that they will bring to a formerly great five star restaurant)and I am sure that BM is munching on a Whopper right now, maybe that is why he tells so many "whoppers" on this message board! LOL!

      This is the best part and one that I really get a laugh at, even MORE than the usual BS that he spews, that is part of all of BM's nonsensical messages and it says "The outside investor, on the other hand, pays "full ride" on the open market for an equity". This from someone who claims to have been GIVEN his shares by his father-in-law! Can you say hypocrite, or fat stupid hypocrite or fat, stupid, moronic hypocrite? It may come as a surprise for BM but stock options have to be WORKED FOR and none of the big stockholders at corporate were ever given ANY of their shares! What a joke of a post! You need to come up with some new material and maybe for a change some of it could even be TRUE! Ya think? LOL!

    • I am going to slightly correct myself.

      Drum roll, please. Yank is almost never wrong. Big admission about to be revealed...

      I inferred that the outside investor was the biggest loser in the WAG scenario. How could I have been so blinded from the real truth?

      Yes, the outside investor has been totally screwed over by WAG's "guidance" and disgraceful S/P return for outside investors. Over more than a half-decade of paltry S/P returns and almost insultingly small dividends.

      So... who has suffered more?

      Why, obviously it is the Walgreen's pharmacy CUSTOMER... who has overpaid for prescriptions, had most filled by Tech's barely earning the hourly minimum and, in many cases, paid dearly for misfills and, then, met the Corporate Goliath denying everything.

      But, fear not, righteous Americans. The problem is self-correcting, over time. The consumer masses will MARCH from the Walgreen's counter to the Wal*Mart or other counter that serves them with dignity, service, accountability and the best prices.