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  • cmxgen cmxgen Feb 20, 2008 7:17 PM Flag

    cmxsux, CVS vs WAG

    <However, WAG is stuck because they are resistant to change.>

    I respectfully disagree. Walgreens was the first big player to pioneer large freestanding corner stores, drive-thrus, a satelite system linking all stores, multi-language scrips, 24-hour stores, imaging, E-scrips, dynamic workload balancing, etc. All of our competitors are playing catch-up. I remember the competition laughing and mocking us for having drive-thrus. "RPhs will quit in droves, the drive-thru will kill front-end business." Now it seems they've all (even Walmart) have seen the light. In other areas, Walgreens may not be the first, but we usually end up being the best (e.g. internet pharmacy).

    Impulsive change just for the sake of change, or just to copy your competitor, is a foolish waste of resources.

    I have met and interviewed with some of WAGs mgmt and I do believe they love innovation and will continue to lead the way. In my opinion, I have seen at mid mgmt on down, the unwillingness to accept the fact that there are other companies out there. I remember when I was in a top meeting with WAG and they would say CVS would not last in the Chicago market and that CVS stood for Closing Very Soon.

    I will at some point look at WAG to further my career.

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