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  • yank.wags_chain yank.wags_chain Mar 1, 2008 12:32 AM Flag

    Dueling PBM's!


    Ivan has never posted a message on this board with any content or intellectual value. He is just one of a small number of Walgreens employees that bought shares for a reduced price from their employer, Walgreens, and... having no concept of investing or equity ownership, mindlessly march like the Frankenstein monster into the next investment cycle with the adolescent and Utopian aspirations that somehow Walgreens S/P will grow, split and bestow huge gains to them.

    This isn't Warren Buffet you are attempting to have an intelligent dialog with!

    So, don't take it all very seriously. The Institutional guys obviously didn't, today! They dumped this l'il piggie like everything else. And there's lot's more to come! Believe me.

    I said it before, it was good advice, and I offer it again. "Take an economist to dinner" if you want to know how to invest for the next 5 years. Forget Bernanke... he is largely a "monetarist." Learn how Economics shapes policy... and vice versa.

    If you are a serious investor, heed the warning!

    And, if you have money to burn... buy Walgreens! Or get a wood stove. You choose. Either will burn up your money in nothing flat!



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