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  • yank.wags_chain yank.wags_chain Feb 29, 2008 8:38 AM Flag

    Dueling PBM's!

    Well, dudes, the PBM war has commenced, with Caremark taking a decisive battle in Texas with rival Medco. The collateral loser, surely, is Walgreens who will see CVS capture virtually all of the $.5B/Y pharmacy biz generated by Texas State employees and covered retirees.

    Lot's more of these PBM battles yet to come. If you follow WAG as an investment, better do your DD and start watching "The Biggest Loser."



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    • Waggie pumpers HATE the idea of all Americans having some kind of group benefit and discount. Why? Because if Walgreens lost its ability to GOUGE customers that lack a group discount, the beloved WAG margins deteriorate, and WAG Pharmacists might have to downgrade to a Buick or Toyota, instead of a Lexus or Corvette!

      Why do WAG pumpers hate the Wal*Mart $4 generic?

      Simple, really. They hate it becauses it exposes the tragic underbelly of Walgreens extreme vulnerability to discount-pricing pressure on filling prescriptions at less than fullride. Walgreens, simply and sadly, just can't compete on the same playing field with Wal*Mart or online providers.

      Universal healthcare. Discounted generic drug pricing. Walgreens hates it all! What Walgreens wants is for Americans to eschew cost effective prescription fulfillment and go to Walgreens, anyway, because it is more convenient.

      Walgreens has a very simple choice to make. Quit opening so many, stupid new stores that are truly unneeded, and focus your capital on bringing prices down for WAG script customers. Or, find some new and creative way to indemnify your senior mangement when your archaic business model implodes and shareholder suits challenge the viability of your asinine business model.



    • <either slap Yank around for a while or go pick up great Dane "mines" in the back yard>

      I consider both chores one in the same! LOL!

    • Dude, AARP has no political thinking. It is not a political organization. And they do not interpret anything the candidates say. They only ask for commentary from them, and... that lacking... draw from speeches on public record where the candidates express their views.

      You offer no intelligent rebuttal for the points I raised to you about store openings and market share. In fact, you have nothing to say in support of your illustrious Walgreens investment except HAHAHAHAHAHA.

      You must really be either Ivan, or bananarug/# optional. Based on the peculiar coincidence of your both frequently using "Nuff said" a few too many times... you obviously are another bananarug ID and, as such, must be disgraced and sent to the "IGNORE" pile.



    • The Wisconsin plans were dropped by WAG last quarter and the impact won't even be fully reported for another 90 days. You do seem to have a problem with "facts" when you exit the "safe zone" of what you knew when you once worked at CMX, and then must move on to the realm of contemporary thinking and evaluation since you left.

      "Nuff said." Boy, there's bananarugism if ever I heard one. No. It's not enough said. Walgreens can continue to buy market share by opening more and more small box pill villages... as they have been doing for the last 7 years...and because the prescription market is growing both in customers and scripts/customer show growth in market share. But at what cost to shareholders?

      If there's a 7/11 on one corner and another one opens across the street, 7/11's volume goes up because traffic patterns will favor the new location for some new customers. And if 7/11 opens a third store on another side of the same intersection, once again some new customers will find access/egress more convenient and shop there. And if 7/11 captures a key spot on that 4th corner of the same intersection, guess what happens. Dah, dah! Some new customers, again, shop there, because it is convenient for their commuting route.

      So, yes, you can enhance market share through gross stupidity in new store expansion. And the parlay from my example to Walgreens is really not that big a stretch!

      Universal healthcare is part of the platform of every surviving Presidential candidate except Mike Huckabee who is already mathematically eliminated from contending. So get used to the idea. It is unavoidable, inevitable and WILL help redefine health and pharmacare in America. The endgame result is not likely to favor a highcost retailer like Walgreens. That's just my simple opinion. But at least it comes from someone that doesn't spend lot's of time picking up wheelbarrow-sized turd bundles from a defficating Great Dane.



    • No, dude, the "ouch" is for those losers that ignored the "Two Trains Running" discussion I initiated and which commenced, early last Fall, when both Walgreens and Walmart's S/P's were almost identical.

      What's the divergence, now?

      Around $13/share.

      Hope you have lots of xylocaine and PrepH because you will surely need both with this type ofmisguided reasoning. My WMT is doing just fine!



    • Glad you asked.

      Every man should have a hobby. What's yours? Losing more money on Walgreens stock?

      I certainly hope Wag is a hobby for you and not a retirement dream. If the latter prevails, start pricing rental trailers in the industrial parts of seedy Rust Belt cities.



      p.s. The next time you want to ask a question, try asking it directly and you might get a less sarcastic answer!

    • yank.wags_chain yank.wags_chain Mar 10, 2008 11:51 PM Flag

      "Another day closer, and deeper in debt.
      St. Peter don't you call me,
      'Cause I can't go.
      I owe my soul to...

      ... the insane new store opening strategy that perpetuates the S/P decline with absurd metrics that only a Mongoloid idiot, or an overpaid Walgreens pharmacist would support."

      Walmart: $4 generics. Walgreens: $4 Choco-Macadamia Nuts. You choose!



    • Bananarug, thanks for posting all of the links to back up your position. When Yank posts a link it is usually about stolen grave stones! LOL!

      "Yank, face it, you have not idea what universal health care is."

      His idea of universal health care is just like all of the rest of his desired government benefits.... SOMETHING FOR YANK, WHICH IS PAID FOR BY SOMEBODY ELSE! That's ALL he wants!

    • yank.wags_chain yank.wags_chain Feb 29, 2008 11:56 PM Flag

      When reimbursement rates are lowered they are lowered across the board." Duuuuuhhhhh! That's exactly what I said when I stated Caremark had two plateaus from which to earn a modest profit.

      But, relax, dude, because you just make my position on WAG's economic morbidity all the more topical. The more that WAG cannot accept low margins and backs out of PBM-reimbursed prescriptions, the more their market share collapses and the lower ROI investors get on all those cookie-cutter little small-box stores that Walgreens has been mindlessly opening for years.

      As for your views on mailorder... you certainly are CLUELESS about the economics of this channel, the likely cost imperatives of the incoming Administration or the dynamic interplay currently taking place at levels above your ability to comprehend which inevitably will shape public healthcare policy.

      But you just keep reveling in childish name calling... BM = bowel movement... and enjoy your scatalogical weekend watching Ron Jeremy perform while sharing the moment with your favorite, Lucy Latex.



    • GREAT and informative posts from Cmxsux and of course, Bananarug4 and nothing readable, accurate, informative or worthwhile from Yank! The usual! ROTFLMAO!

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