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  • yank.wags_chain yank.wags_chain Feb 29, 2008 8:38 AM Flag

    Dueling PBM's!

    Well, dudes, the PBM war has commenced, with Caremark taking a decisive battle in Texas with rival Medco. The collateral loser, surely, is Walgreens who will see CVS capture virtually all of the $.5B/Y pharmacy biz generated by Texas State employees and covered retirees.

    Lot's more of these PBM battles yet to come. If you follow WAG as an investment, better do your DD and start watching "The Biggest Loser."



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    • yank.wags_chain yank.wags_chain Mar 10, 2008 11:51 PM Flag

      "Another day closer, and deeper in debt.
      St. Peter don't you call me,
      'Cause I can't go.
      I owe my soul to...

      ... the insane new store opening strategy that perpetuates the S/P decline with absurd metrics that only a Mongoloid idiot, or an overpaid Walgreens pharmacist would support."

      Walmart: $4 generics. Walgreens: $4 Choco-Macadamia Nuts. You choose!



    • When a poor old dog is down, only a sadist kicks it.

      Sorry, Waggies. I know your tail is tucked under your butt after such a merciless pounding, this week. Some, such as Ivan/Pud know lots about "pounding" but, for ordinary investors, the experience of bottom feeding with a century-old NYSE icon that fell from grace... then simply can't get back up... must be most discouraging.

      But, fear not. Though you walk through the valley of death, you shall fear no evil; you will simply call or email your brokerage house and dispose of this vermin stock, before it sinks below the $30 threshold and moves towards $20.

      'nuff said!



    • Not even close.

      There's a reason why nobody mentions Walgreens in this business gain/loss scenario. It's because they aren't even in the pharma-game of the future.

      They'll just quietly lose the State of Texas Employee's pharmacy volume. Like some states before, and many more to follow. And lots of corporate clients. And MedicAid. But... who cares... "we'll just keep building all those new stores" and something, surely, will eventually happen for shareholders that hold for longer than 24 hours while the executive's option grants are liquidated.

      Sure, Jeff. Sure. You convinced us all!

      Ha, ha, ha!

      And Tata,


    • "WAG Pharmacists might have to downgrade to a Buick or Toyota, instead of a Lexus or Corvette!"

      Why would YOU care what kind of a car I drive and what business is it of yours how I spend my money? You are a classless, nimrodic rodent who spends WAY too much time LYING on the message boards and NOT enough time seeking employment! I happen to support the stock of the company I work for and as everyone can see, our sales were great as usual and we keep marching ahead, growing our business on every busy corner in America! I choose to invest IN and work hard FOR the company I am employed by and I am very happy to do both! You should find someplace else to post your garbage on, like maybe the WalMart message board, because nobody here cares to hear your lying negativity! MORONIC LOSER! Also as a FYI, I have had ZERO transfers to WalMart since their $4 scrip debuted. I guess our customers like convenience and good service!

    • Waggie pumpers HATE the idea of all Americans having some kind of group benefit and discount. Why? Because if Walgreens lost its ability to GOUGE customers that lack a group discount, the beloved WAG margins deteriorate, and WAG Pharmacists might have to downgrade to a Buick or Toyota, instead of a Lexus or Corvette!

      Why do WAG pumpers hate the Wal*Mart $4 generic?

      Simple, really. They hate it becauses it exposes the tragic underbelly of Walgreens extreme vulnerability to discount-pricing pressure on filling prescriptions at less than fullride. Walgreens, simply and sadly, just can't compete on the same playing field with Wal*Mart or online providers.

      Universal healthcare. Discounted generic drug pricing. Walgreens hates it all! What Walgreens wants is for Americans to eschew cost effective prescription fulfillment and go to Walgreens, anyway, because it is more convenient.

      Walgreens has a very simple choice to make. Quit opening so many, stupid new stores that are truly unneeded, and focus your capital on bringing prices down for WAG script customers. Or, find some new and creative way to indemnify your senior mangement when your archaic business model implodes and shareholder suits challenge the viability of your asinine business model.



    • Bananarug, thanks for posting all of the links to back up your position. When Yank posts a link it is usually about stolen grave stones! LOL!

      "Yank, face it, you have not idea what universal health care is."

      His idea of universal health care is just like all of the rest of his desired government benefits.... SOMETHING FOR YANK, WHICH IS PAID FOR BY SOMEBODY ELSE! That's ALL he wants!

    • GREAT and informative posts from Cmxsux and of course, Bananarug4 and nothing readable, accurate, informative or worthwhile from Yank! The usual! ROTFLMAO!

    • Dude, AARP has no political thinking. It is not a political organization. And they do not interpret anything the candidates say. They only ask for commentary from them, and... that lacking... draw from speeches on public record where the candidates express their views.

      You offer no intelligent rebuttal for the points I raised to you about store openings and market share. In fact, you have nothing to say in support of your illustrious Walgreens investment except HAHAHAHAHAHA.

      You must really be either Ivan, or bananarug/# optional. Based on the peculiar coincidence of your both frequently using "Nuff said" a few too many times... you obviously are another bananarug ID and, as such, must be disgraced and sent to the "IGNORE" pile.



    • All announced candidate's positions can be easily compared by visiting The site is hosted by AARP which has no PAC and makes no political contributions.

      There will soon be NO uninsured Americans except those that CHOOSE to have no coverage.

      The next "Biggest Loser" episode is Tuesday night @ 8PM on NBC. Study up, there, cowboy!



    • Glad you asked.

      Every man should have a hobby. What's yours? Losing more money on Walgreens stock?

      I certainly hope Wag is a hobby for you and not a retirement dream. If the latter prevails, start pricing rental trailers in the industrial parts of seedy Rust Belt cities.



      p.s. The next time you want to ask a question, try asking it directly and you might get a less sarcastic answer!

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