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  • blackbluesky99 blackbluesky99 Mar 3, 2008 6:36 PM Flag

    How does it feel to be a WagBagHolder..

    and losing money for 7 YEARS, you pumpers must be depressed because you know for years that the minute you bought WalRed you had lost your MIND if you guys ever had one in the first place.

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    • Be careful tomorrow market looking ugly like Yvan's face.
      I predict it will be a quiet day on this board WalRed Pumpers and Losers will hide in the closet sniffing moth balls all day.

    • The odious Board Moron is in his glory today, posting swill and multi-starring it under a huge bagful of IDs, none of the posts OR the IDs are worth a bag of dog crap, but he steadfastly refuses to let FACTS get in the way of his BS! My computer has been down since yesterday, when I carelessly clicked on one of BM's posts and my anti-RETARD software was blown out as well as the TRUTH DETECTOR gizmo, that was completely melted down, due to the numerous falsehoods of BM's posts! I am back today and ready to clear up all of the IDIOCY of the "manifesto" post(it figures that anything by BM would be a "manifesto" ala his hero, Karl Marx)LOL!

      #1 Wag management is underpaid compared to CVS and RAD, but STILL delivers the best company performance results in the industry!

      #2 The day that stock options are granted anybody that receives options wants the share price to be AS LOW AS POSSIBLE and then INCREASE! The options are NOT VESTED for THREE years and you have ten years to exercise them! The higher the share price goes the MORE money the options are worth, if the price stays the same or goes down, THE OPTIONS ARE WORTHLESS!

      #3 Walgreens has NO LONG TERM debt, but has shown that they will spend money if the acquisition is a good one, but their growth plan is the best in the business because it is under Wag's control and is entirely self-funded, NOT BORROWED MONEY!

      #4 "Dividends are for losers." I disagree and think the dividend should at least be doubled(my WFC stock has quadruple the dividend of Wag).

      5)Keep the expansion program on track because they are getting the best locations NOW and when competition can afford to buy, Wag will have the locations already!

      #6 "Big box retail is a forgetable joke. Walgreens is so much more convenient." I AGREE with this statement! Why spend an extra dollar on gas to save 50 cents at WalMart? GREAT POINT!

      #7 Wag's stock buyback program is ahead of schedule for the 3rd straight year and should be continued!

      #8 "Why incur debt by borrowing money to finance acquisitions or accelerate the rate of new store expansion?" This is NOT deja vu all over again, but the BM forgot that he had butchered that point in #3 so just ignore his repetitiveness, it is a sign of senility!

      #9 "Wal*Mart is a shopping experience best left to "safe" players." If you like filth, messiness, disorganization, empty shelves where ad items are supposed to be and one checkout open and 19 others CLOSED it is very safe experience, but if you aren't from Bizarro World like BM you wouldn't like this kind of experience!

      #10 "Walgreens... The Pharmacy America Trusts" is a great and accurate slogan, but " Yank, the POSTER investors View with Disgust!" is EVEN MORE ACCURATE! LOL!

      I hope this clears up ANY misconceptions that BM has even a glimmer of intelligence and knows even a slight amount about the drugstore industry, because it is obvious he DOES NOT! These points have been discussed previously ad nauseum, but due to the inconsequential and illiterate nature of BM he needs to have them periodically explained to him AGAIN and AGAIN! I am afraid that BM understanding these concepts is hopeless, much like his prospects for future happiness and wealth! Too bad, so sad!

    • Bet SGA% is rising faster than total sales% and about double SSS%. Darn. You just gotta hate it when that happens! So much for cost control.



    • Here's some facts for you...

      WAG sales up 14.5% in Feb. Samestore sales up 8.3% in Feb. Since Walgreens sells things people NEED. It's a great place to be in this economy.

    • I couldn't be happier. Since Walgreens sells things people need as opposed to things people want it should outperform in this economy. You must be short and praying you can cover on the cheap. Good luck with that, you'll need it.

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      • "Since Walgreens sells things people need as opposed to things people want it should outperform in this economy."
        The problem is that there are other chains out there that also sell "things people need" -- and they are popping up everywhere and margins are going to be hurt for all involved. As retail drug stores have matured over they years, doubled in size and are now on every corner the double digit growth rates are history. Couple that with $3.50 gasoline and the appeal of going to WMT or Costco or Sams Club (one stop shopping) is much more appealing and will hurt WAG, CVS et al.

    • Be careful today guys (I mean WalRed losers) it does'nt look good for WalRed.


    • You just need to learn to play the game wag is a very goog money maker for me sorry about your luck !!

    • I have shorted this pig so many times I cant remember. And guess what, I have made over 100k, and every time I get blasted by idiots pumping this since 50 bucks. Ill do it again when it hits 38. This is the reason I post my trades here. Easy money. You longs would have been better off holding your money in a 0% cd the past 7 years while the markets ran wild. LOL!!! And my C shorts, legendary.

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      • The big box stores are cleaning up. Look at the numbers for Costco and even BJ's. And, of course, Wal*Mart... Feb SSS up 2.6% against target of 1.1%. And a major, cited contributor? Pharmacy!

        WMT slowed its pace of new store openings to improve shareholder value and keep costs low. Then they increased their share buyback to $15 Billion. And how'd their share price do? Trading near a 52 week high.

        Then there is Walgreens who has done... Oh, nevermind. No news to report, except management cashing out options and running for higher ground.

        And, to think that these two equities had almost identical share prices when I made my "Two Trains Running" analogy, some 6 months ago. Looks like the WAG Express fell off a trestle bridge into the Wag Bag Canyon.



    • Ya know, it's not just the seven years of horrific returns for shareholders. It's also the lost opportunity of what that selfsame money might have done for an investor, risked elsewhere.

      I don't daytrade, so one days up or down doesn't excite me, either way. But when an equity has a prolonged downtreand spanning more than a half a decade, only a MORON would continue to hold it in blind anticipation of some future reward. Face it, pharmadudes, there is NO coming appreciation for holding this piggie, unless you bought it at the employee/shill's 10% off discount, and than, at best, you only mitigate your losses by the 10% which still sucks!

      History holds many lessons for those that choose to heed it.

      Dump this piggie. Just like the Walgreens Exec's do when they immediately cash out their option shares upon grant date. They obviously know something that IR chhooses not to share with you!



    • I guess you losers don't feel better today but you guys are used to this *hit with WalRed don't you? well after 7 YEARS. ROTFLMO.


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