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  • yank.wags_chain yank.wags_chain Mar 19, 2008 12:36 AM Flag

    The Pharma War Is On!

    Hey, here's an idea. Why don't MD's form a partnership, by hospital, with a preferred PBM for patient Pharmacy care with approved dispensary providers?

    Either the hospital pharmacy OR an approved pharmacare provider are cited as preferred providers by the writing MD.

    Of course, the matter could be more decisively decided by electronic encryption of the prescription that can only be read and filled by an approved dispensary.

    How about them apples? Stuff like this DOES happen when a lumbering, corporate dinosaur trods on a proud MD's potential livelihood!

    Does WAG want to be IN healthcare, or does WAG aspire to BE healthcare? USA Today clearly posed whether, in fact, Walgreens has the capacity to be in either one!



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    • Don't like the "slant" of MD's forming a PBM partnership to direct pharma-spending to a particular (or away from a particular) pharma-competitor like Walgreens? Fine. I don't agree, but for grins, here's an alternative.

      Who says a PBM like Caremark cannot accomplish the same thing with less fuss or regulatory issues? It simply commences from an alternative perspective. The net result is exactly the same. By manipulating reimbursements, which has already been benchmarked in Wisconsin, PBM's can favor whomever they want. Or disfavor whomever they want.

      If Walgreens is the target, by MD's or by PBM's including Caremark, the result is ultimately similar. Walgreens loses the pharmacy business.

      Surely you pumpers can't be so blinded by GREED that you fail to grasp the jeopardy?