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  • yank.wags_chain yank.wags_chain Mar 30, 2008 8:59 AM Flag

    Of the top 50 Most Admired Companies

    So let me see if I got this straight. A Walmart employee is in an automobile accident. They need extensive urgent care and Walmart's employee medical insurance provides it.

    Later on, another party agrees to accept responsibolity for the accident and pays for the medical costs.

    Why wouldn't Walmart expect to be repaid for the claims? The medical bills were paid for the accident victims. Why would the victims expect to be paid TWICE for the same set of bills?

    You Walgreens pimps are simply amazing on this message board. And to think, some of you morons actually seem to believe that posting this kind of vapid stupidity will somehow improve your share price.

    Maybe it would be appropriate to apply your logic to the pharmacy misfill deaths reported by USA Today and, thus, infer that Walgreens (or other drug retailers involved) should pay its victims twice, just to be a good corporate citizen as measured by the "Standards of Excellence" put forth on this message board?

    Sounds fair to me!



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    • No one is arguing about Walmarts "right" to recoup the money. Sometimes doing a good deed, especially in this most extreme situation, should supercede your "rights". Watch the story and you'll see that everyone involved (except Walmart) agrees.

      And why the condescending comments?? You don't know me ... STANK.