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  • yank.wags_chain yank.wags_chain May 27, 2008 10:32 PM Flag

    Boycott Ends

    Lack of support by ivan_starmy and elim make boycott untenable.

    Thanks to others for support.

    Have at it, boys!



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    • yank.

      <Walgreens has been a worse investment than Drugstore,com.>
      How so?

      You apparently have no brain cells left.

    • "How are the Berry's on your street?

      Is it true you have 530 different kinds of Berry's on your street in Fort Wayne Indiana?

      I heard the area code in Ft Wayne is 219.

      One of my favorite numbers is 424

      I think I am going to play these four digits in the lottery tonight 6063.

      Good luck."

      Anybody know who this dope is?


    • I respect Cmxsux's opinion and his facts are usually right on in contrast to the other "dirtbag" that Taiguy is referring to! There is NO comparison to the working productive Cmxsux to the "worthless, lazy, parasitic bum living off the hard work of daddy-in-law"! I read Cmxsux posts, I have the other guy and all of his many IDs on IGNORE! It makes life much more pleasant and the message board much cleaner! I still get to read the other posters lambasting the ignoramus, but I don't have to wade through the drivel that he posts! Win/win!

    • "So you see some posts from people you have on ignore, then WHY do you click on them? Why do you read them? More importantly, WHY DO YOU RESPOND TO THEM?"

      Good question, could it be he is just a simple LIAR?

    • The only thing that the Board Moron "ignores" is good taste, common sense, proper investing expertise and the "wash your hands" sign in a restroom! He has spent virtually every waking moment trying to bash the Walgreen company and their stock and most every other successful company that has a Yahoo message board! He should save his money and someday purchase a clue so he can function in the world of reality! He was FIRED as a lowly and incompetent camera clerk for insubordination and he can't see what every other poster on this board sees, that HE DESERVED IT! The customer does most of the work in today's digital camera world and that is why Walgreens has started filling printer cartridges and shipping packages through DHL, to keep the camera clerk busy and productive. BM also didn't realize that the reason we have management personnel in the stores is to give guidance and direction to slow-witted slugs like himself. If he does indeed work as a bill collector for Sprint he is working for a company with a name that is the exact opposite of what he is! Sprint the name, implies speed and for all of us who have seen BM's slow-witted attempt at bashing, comedy or God forbid, MATH, knows that he should be working for a company named PLODDING, STAGNANT, MIRED or POKY! LOL!

    • That is the typical MO of a cowardly weasel. Board Moron fits the mold perfectly. He probably uses passive aggressive emotional extortion to continue squeezing daddy-in-law for more 'living' money. What a loser. LOL! Self-Made? LOL! LOL! LOL!

    • cmxsux was severely injured, through no fault of his own, by the gross negligence and recklessness of the other driver. His settlement is just compensation for the chronic pain he deals with daily.

      You, dirtbag, are nothing but a worthless, lazy, parasitic bum living off the hard work of daddy-in-law. Surely you can see the difference.

      Isn't it embarrassing being a grown man, yet still relying on the charity of others? Where's your pride man? Where's your self-respect? Thank God most Americans are self-sufficient. JMHO.

      What's that melody I hear? Could it be Taps?;range=6m;compare=dscm;indicator=volume;charttype=line;crosshair=on;ohlcvalues=0;logscale=on;source=undefined

    • " Adult leaches are the worst scum on earth, lower than whale poo, even lower than even phone company bill collectors."

      Taiguy, don't worry about me, I removed the obese adult leech before he could suck any more money out of me or my daughter! Rumor is that yank was hired to call all of his deadbeat friends who can't pay their bills either and now he thinks he is a bill collector! What a laugh!

    • taiguy (obese/slob),

      Yes you are still on ignore... except when I choose to read your ridiculous diatribes by visiting the message board before signing in. I choose when to read and when to ignore the ignoramii of Obese/Slob Walgreens' Pharmacopeans as and when I decide I need a good laugh.

      I actually agree with your comment: "adult leaches (sic) are the worst scom on earth." That rings especially true when "the leeches" are investing their filthy gains from ambulance-chasing sttorneys who sued in accident cases" to provide a source of investment capital for lazy plaintiffs like bananarug4 and cmxsux to retire early and sponge off the lawyer's dole.

      Very insightful observation on your part.



    • <My opinion. I already bet with my dollars.>

      Don't you mean daddy-in-law's money? LOL! One thing I'm very proud of is making it on my own. The only wish I have for our parents is to enjoy their golden years with ALL of the resources and some of ours. God bless self-made people. Adult leaches are the worst scum on earth, lower than whale poo, even lower than even phone company bill collectors.

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